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16.36 Berrettini-Baez’s live broadcast ends here. Thank you for following us and staying with us for a better Sinner-Cerundolo, second singular experience. With best wishes and see you soon.

16.35 If Italy wins the next single with Yannick Sener or the next double, they will be mathematically eligible for the Davis Cup quarter-finals. As for the first place in the group, it will be necessary to wait for Sunday’s match (September 18th) with Sweden.

16.34 Al-Azraq played well under the goal, who managed the most sensitive moment of the match with a coldness.

16.32 Berrettini served 70% of prime time, not even conceding a break point. 10 winners and 16 free players, very few fouls on the forehand side. 4 Ace for the Romans.

6-2 6-3 Matteo Berrettini wins! In complete control of the color blue! The match ended in just one hour and 11 minutes.

40-15 winning serve for Berrettini!

30-15 Nice bystander with Baez’ counterattack.

30-0 Berrettini’s first shot is too high.

15-0 Give Bayes a straight answer.

5-3 pyrites. The Argentine gives himself another chance in this match.

40-15 Baez plays two excellent goalscorers, controlling Brittney’s low passer.

30-15 is good first, right down the line and crushed.

15-15 before the article presented by Bayes.

0-15 Berrettini goes to the net to lock in the shot.

5-2 Britney. Great directly on the counterattack, Berrettini returns 15-30 and boosts the advantage.

40-30 moves to push Britney with a forehand and gets close to the net.

30-30 He tries to get out of the Bayes Stock Exchange but gets it wrong right away.

15-30 britney counterbalance for a forehand on the bar.

15-15 serves the great Berrettini.

0-15 What a lube baez! surgical.

4-2 Peretini broke! The fourth double foul in the match owes Baez to giving up serve: Italy’s first point approaches.

15-40 Berrettini carts stop! Hit the Whip and the Thin Touch of the Net: Two Breaking Points.

15-30 is still Bayes’ forehand on the field.

0-30 A Berrettini backhand passer stays too low: Baez doesn’t control the shot.

0-15 cue bayes with a forehand stroke.

3-2 Britney. Excellent wet shot and blue maintains the humor without particular concern.

40-15 safely smash after the first big.

30-15 nice curve from the right.

15-15 steaks are bad with a straight britney.

15-0 Berrettini’s forehand remained on the field from the middle of the field.

2-2. First, Ace and Baez remain attached to his opponent.

40-15 Third Double Fault for Bayes.

40-0 winning serve from the Argentine.

30-0 beautiful front whip from Baez behind the serve.

15-0 Baez attacks the net and closes it.

1-2 Brittany. Another great serve and blue leaves no chance for his opponent.

40-15 Foreign Service and straight heavy streak: 2 balls for 2-1.

30-15 Brittney’s first double foul.

30-0 Another service wins first and foremost.

15-0 fourth ace for Brittany, first in the group.

1-1. Brittney forehand on the net: Baez maintains his serve.

40-30 Britney is wrong from a favorable site! There was a chance.

30-30 braid with straight bays.

30-15 Berrettini runs very well forward on the humidifier and shuts off at the net.

Another 30-0 foul by Berrettini’s backhand, he is very firm on his legs.

15-0 off the ball Berrettini, the backhand stops on the bar.

1-0 Brittany. The number 2 in Italy covers the net very well and starts with the right foot even in the second set.

The A-40 Berrettini moved very well, and maneuvered very well with a front stroke.

40-40 third forward foul in the game for Berrettini: too much rushing.

40-30 service and straight along the line: the possibility of 1-0.

30-30 Treat again with a Berrettini serving.

15-30 another useless error on the first try.

15-15 winning service at Berrettini Center.

0-15 Brittney’s forehand is still a loser.

15.52 72% of the first place on the field for Berrettini who made nine free errors in the whole group. Blue won by half the points in response: 11 of 22.

6-2 Perrettini’s first set! The first partial in complete control of the Romans.

15-40 big backhand in cross, two front scoops, dampers and aerial shots: two fixed points.

15-30 aggressive in britney response.

15-15 on the bar, Berrettini’s attempt to break out along the line in the opposite direction.

0-15 Baez jumped with a wide forehand.

5-2 Britney. The third ace to close the game is blue.

40-15 second serve that jumps too fast: 2 possibilities for 5-2.

30-15 winning service out.

15-15 Berrettini defends himself with the ball and then pushes the Argentine back with a loaded forehand.

0-15 Bayes’ answer climbs the bar and becomes impregnable.

4-2 Britney. He defends himself very well under Bayes’ net, Blue fails to get past him.

40-15 A bad forehand foul started on the exchange: rather avoidable.

30-15 Argentine pays well.

15-15 What a backhand for Baez in the split! Brittany was aggressive in response, and the Argentine defended himself on the line.

0-15 Peretenne bird! It knocks and leaves Baez with no way out.

4-1 Britney. From 15-30, the Roman is back and holds a tough match.

40-30 seconds essential serve and the ball 4-1.

30-30 short comeback from Berrettini and Baez arrives poorly towards the net.

15-30 per peritoneal straight aisle abnormal.

15-15 Brittney attacking forehand is deep and heavy.

0-15 Brittney misses an ordinary long-awaited hit.

3-1 Britney. Blue chip slips by: The 22-year-old from Buenos Aires moves the score.

Another 30-40 foul with a backhand kick from the Argentine.

40-15 fairly comfortable back bayes miss.

40-0 puts his feet inside Bayes Square and closes near the net.

30-0 Britney’s damping is still pretty high, bayes up comfortably.

15-0 serve between bayes.

3-0 Britney. He puts first, pushes his forehand and closes: another quiet game of blues.

40-30 is an excellent wet lotion that Bayes found convincing until the end.

40-15 Brittney backhand is a breath away.

40-0 heavy cross pass to Berrettini, Paez fails to defend himself.

30-0 tries to block Bayes’ response but loses control.

15-0 long response from Baez.

2-0 Perrettini break! Shot with a forehand and the Roman begins to kidnap the opponent’s serve.

30-40 forehand for Berrettini is breathtaking! He was about to find an unusual solution.

15-40 forehand cross for Berrettini would have been the winner.

0-40 excellent forehand shooting technique by Berrettini, Baez does not keep passers-by in the field: immediately three break points.

0-30 Brittney backhand deep, Baez must give up.

0-15 Bayes starts serving with a double fault.

1-0 Brittany. Roman benefits from service: good start despite some bugs.

A-40 second ace, this time from the right.

40-40 Brittney’s forehand came out on the counterattack: he could play by a bigger margin.

30-40 Bayes backhand attempt on the net.

30-30 first ace of a Berrettini match, the outer track is impregnable.

15-30 Baez’s aggressive response in a second wasn’t decisive enough from Brittney.

15-15 Berrettini arrived poorly on a forehand, and wasn’t very fast on the move.

15-0 Berrettini starts well with a direct hit from the service.

The match begins! Matteo Berrettini is on duty!

15.12 The shout of the entire Unipol Arena: an extraordinary cheer in Bologna.

15.10 Italian Hymn, Hymn Mamelli!

15.09 The two teams enter the field: roars from the entire Unipol Arena at the entrance to Azzurri, especially the team of Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner.

15.07 A win against Argentina will lead the Azzurri to the finals in Malaga: it is necessary to win as much as possible to qualify first.

15.04 Matteo Berrettini enters the field first: it is always a difficult task to break the ice and bring home the first point.

15.01 Baez made his Argentina debut for Davis in the qualifying round, defeating Czech Republic’s Lechka 7-6, 6-3.

14.58 Berrettini had at the beginning of the year represented Italy in the FIFA Cup, losing to Alex de Minaur and Daniil Medvedev and beating Ugo Humbert.

14.55 The Roman returned to win a Davis Cup match after a match against Indian Guneswaran in the 2019 preliminary round, then defeats against Shapovalov and Fritz reached Madrid.

14.52 Berrettini won the day before yesterday in the comeback against Borna Coric, showing good form in terms of form. The former world number six is ​​growing up after playing the good, but not great, US Open. It is necessary to be at the top to try to reach the finals in Turin.

14.49 This season Baez won his first ATP title by defeating Estoril and reached the final in Santiago and Bastad, also on clay. At the Grand Slam he won three matches: one at the Australian Open, one at Roland Garros and one at Wimbledon.

14.46 Baez in a results crunch after reaching the final in Bastad: He lost the 2000 class of Buenos Aires to compatriot Cirondolo in Sweden, then against Krijnovic, Ajaminoni, Corda, Kyrgios, Fritz, Alcaraz, and against Elias Ymir in the last match against Sweden on Monday.

14.43 No precedents between Berrettini and Baez: The Argentine climbed up the hierarchy in the ATP circuit this season, after a lucrative career coaching at Challengers last year.

14.40 Confirmed the Fognini/Bolelli duo who triumphed in the debut against former top seed Mektic and Pavic. “Chicchi” will face Gonzalez and Zeballos, rather than experienced doubles players.

14.37 For Italy there is an important comeback for Jannik Sinner after the rest on the first day of recovery after the US Open. South Tyrol also proved last year to be a guarantee in Davis.

14.34 Argentina captain, Guillermo Correa, decided not to involve Diego Schwartzman, clearly out of state in the match against Mikael Ymir who lost 6-2 6-2 on Tuesday. Then he faces Baez Berrettini and Francisco Cerondolo takes on Sener.

14.31 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the showdown between Matteo Berrettini and Sebastian Baez, the first encounter in the series between Italy and Argentina.

Hello OA Sport friends and welcome Live broadcast of the match between Matteo Berrettini and Sebastian Baez, which opens the tournament between Italy and Argentina in Group A of the 2022 Davis Cup.

BeretiniAfter reaching the quarter-finals of the US Open without sparkling, he seemed to grow in the first match against Borna Coric: the Romanian grew in forehand performance and response in the second and third sets, and regained confidence. After defeats to Fritz and Shapovalov in 2019, Vincenzo Santopadre’s pupil returned to wearing the blue jersey, winning his debut.

Rebounding from a poor opening match defeat to Elias Ymir, Baez is not having a good moment of form, however he is the 37th in the world, an interesting young man who cannot be underestimated.

Brought to you by OA Sport Live broadcast of the match between Matteo Berrettini and Sebastian Baez, which opens the tournament between Italy and Argentina in Group A of the 2022 Davis Cup. At Unipol Arena in Bologna it starts at 15.00. Good fun!

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