Rome – Atalanta: report cards. ZANIOLO “Rock in Rome” 6.5

LAROMA24.IT (Mirko Bussi) – It’s not what it seems. Zero Roma is mostly explained in the inability to achieve, the supreme act of football. But in all that is conciliatory, today, a team Mourinho Exceeds seasonal thresholds, even with respect to the discount in the foreground. On the other hand, the Atalanta image is zoomed in beyond whatever results in a range Gasperini.

Zaniolo . stages “Rock in Rome”in addition to being satisfied there are also Smalling and Ibanez while a Shumorodov so lbrahim The worst places remain on the rating scale.

RUI PATRICIO 6 – There is only one roll. It is very sticky to touch.

Mancini 6 – Ederson touches him in the division of defensive duels. It’s the scratches he leaves more than the ones he eventually puts back. D 87′ ZALEWSKI SV- A single but shiny balloon by Shumorodov.

small 6.5 – When Hojlund was born, he was already of licensing age. A difference in lived experiences weighs heavily on many of the debates.

Ibanez 6.5 – Favorite List: Open spaces and bw duels. He also takes some free time to peek at the offending banquet. He will owe Ibrahim a favor for his failed goal.

Literacy 6 – The aisle waiter who finally appeared with a yoke with a cross of smoke below him falling from the plate to Shumorodov.

5.5 – Delays in impeding Scalvini’s preparation for imaging burden an assessment that would otherwise have sufficient features.

Matic 5.5 – Not connected to the current as it was charged after continuous use, it plays energy saving. From 67′ BELOTTI 6.5 – Enter when the game is bullfighting and between the banks, the chase and bounces captured are useful.

Spinazzola 5.5 – The demand for quality in the latter sector of the field does not receive its tangible contributions.

Zaniolo 6.5 – A rock in Rome. Raise the decibels, exhaust the instruments, and break some bass touches the concept of confusion that solves, for the most part, in the ultimate sense of its task: the imbalance of the opposing defensive organization. This is the best he ever does.

Pellegrini 6 – There he was described in the ball packed to Abraham in the most delicious attacking meal prepared by Rome. The rest is still edible but can also be found at major retailers.

Abraham 5.5 – In a team that ends with a zero in a well-managed game, it is inevitable that all eyes will be on meeting the striker while on duty. Especially when he can look closely into the lens twice. Ibanez would testify in his favour, and his own net saved him. D 79 Shumorodov 5 – Enter the desperate search for a target. Which aggravates it does not solve.

Mourinho 6 – Removed the soot from the score, the large parts of the match that Roma experienced at a fast pace, in order not to monitor and lively developments, and certainly above the seasonal average that frustrated Atalanta, who currently occupy first place in the standings, remained. for future memory.

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