Rugby Top 10 – Coppa Italia: Good performance by Lyon, but Rovigo is too strong

A positive test for Lyon at the first official exit, which sells for a high price and remains in the match until the end against the rugby barge Rovigo. The result punished the Bianconeri hard, and was decorated with Burren’s final goal. A few minutes ago, Lyon arrived to play the touch to score the overtaking goal, but the attempt was unsuccessful in front of Rossoblo’s defense. Positive performance sets the stage for the rest of the season, focusing on the details that didn’t allow the Lions to complete this feat.

The first half is very interesting, with teams alternating attacks and often marking. Rovigo starts better, in the first ten minutes he is placed in the attacking half and collects three points by foot with Van Rjenen, but Lyon responds immediately and goes to score two goals with Portillo and Alessandro Villa. Before the interval, there is the anti-overtaking time of Rovigo, who was hit by two attempts by Casado and caught by Van Reenen.

She starts again in the second half at a good pace, but the first to shoot is Rovigo: a fatal touch error by the Bianconeri, Staffel grabs the ball and dives into the goal. A bad blow to the Lions, who were defending themselves well, but the Bianconeri didn’t collapse mentally and came back strong to the match with an attempt by Maul’s Cocchiaro. In the final minutes, the Lyons were desperately searching for the big shot, but Rovigo held out until the end, as he found the icing on the cake of Burren’s goal which gives an extra point for his team.

The Bianconeri’s Coppa Italia journey started off tough, but a tough encounter against Rovigo in a typical formation was expected. Next Saturday there will be a chance to resume, with the second day which will see the Bianconeri’s visit to Valorrugby Emilia.

Italian Cup first day

Setav Rugby Lyon vs Femi-CZ Rovigo 17-28 (10-18).)

Scorers: pt 11′ cp Van Reenen (0-3), 20′ m Portillo (5-3), 28′ m Via A. (10-3), 32′ m Casado Sandri tr Van Reenen (10-10), 39′ cp Van Reenen (10-13), 40′ m Casado Sandri (10-18) st 53′ m Stavile (10-23), 58′ m Cocchiaro tr Zaridze (17-23), 37′ m Borin (17) ) -28)

Setav Rugby Lyon: Bevy; Buondonno A. (11′ Cuminetti), Paz, Conti (39′ Via G), Bruno (CAP); Zaridze, Via A (54′ Cuoghi); Portillo (47′ Moretto), Petillo (69′ Cissè), Bance; Salveti, Lekic; Salerno (70′ Morosi), Cochiaro (61′ Borghi), Acosta (64′ Cavaro). Annex Orlandi

Femi CZ Rovigo: Buren; Sarto (25′ Montemauri), Lertora, Diederich, Bacchetti; Van Renen (75′ Uncini), Vicentin (64′ Chillon); Casado Sandri, Lubian, Staffel; Steolo (Lindsay), Ferro (hat) (51′ Munro); Swanepoel (51′ Ciccioli), Cadorini (51′ Ferraro), Quaglio (64′ Lugato). Annex praise

Arp. Clara Monarini (Parma). AA1 Franco Rosella (Rome), AA2 Andrea Micheni (Tiramo). Fourth official: Cristian Covati (Piacenza)

Players: Zaridze 1/3 (Sitav Rugby Lions), Van Renin 3/6 (Femi-CZ Rovigo), Montemore 0/1 (Femi-CZ Rovigo) Litura 0/2 (Femi-CZ Rovigo).

Notes: Sunny day, land in perfect condition, minute of silence for the Marche flood victims.

Points earned in standings: Setav Rugby Lyon 0; Femi-CZ Rugby Rovigo 1969 5

Player of the match: Lautaro Casado Sandri (Femi CZ Rovigo)