Rugby Viadana, De La Marie and Joubert in the first team

Juniors from three quarters were added to the Vidana 1970 rugby team roster for the 2022-23 season while 6 other youths under 19 completed their summer training with the first team.l’utility return Declan de la Marie And half scrum Cameron Joubert They have been added to the list of players who will face the Italian Rugby League.

Declan de la Marie was born in South Africa on December 5, 2002 and is the first of two U19 rugby boys from the 1970 Vidana that we will introduce to you, Declan arrived in Italy last season and played his last year of youth here at Viadana He comes from Graeme College, a college His father previously joined it, and here he started playing rugby which fell in love with this sport, last year, after his family roots, he arrived in Italy in rugby Viadana. In a short time, Declan was noticed, as he debuted with Caimani rugby, the yellow-and-black Cadet team. “Playing with U19 last year was a really good experience – Declan started – now I’m ready to take a step forward, evolve and express myself as a player at a higher level. I can’t wait for the season to start with the first team.”

The second new addition that we will bring you, even if he is a familiar face to most people, is Cameron Joubert, who was born in 2002 and who arrived in Vidana in 2019. Cameron is an Italian player from South Africa who has been part of the U19 team since the first year, and managed Over the years of excellence in his smooth and clean game, he managed to earn two calls with the U20 national team and his first appearance with the first team in January 2022, in the Coppa Italia against Rovigo rugby.

These are Cameron’s words: “I have learned a lot from my experience at the club in recent years, and my goal here is to continue to grow as a player and as a person by giving my best at every opportunity. I am ready to appreciate the good times and learn from the difficult times. I am happy to represent Vidana and his people, And also to have the opportunity to achieve my goals.”

In addition to these two guys, during summer training, 6 other U19 athletes from Rugby Viadana 1970 joined the training. Priscilla SimonAfter the invitation to the U20 meeting ended, Simone, having finished preparations with the first team, returned to Milan for the academy. Gamboa John Cruzsecond line, made his debut last season with Caimani Rugby Viadana in a win over powerful Patavium. Dear Francesco, a new signature for Rugby Viadana 1970 who goes hunting among the ranks of the Ticinensis, opponent in the U19 Championship. A tough bitch who got a call-up with the U18 national team, he too, like Brisighella, returned to Milan for the permanent training center. Ricardo’s loyaltyThe brace, a product of Giallonero Nursery, will continue training with the first team. Tiloni Eduardo, Ultra, another producer from the Giallonero nursery, will continue his season with U19. Finally, Valese BrunoThe Italian-Argentine player, after returning from his experience with Italy’s U18 team in Scotland, will also join Brisighella and Gentile at the permanent training center in Milan.

So the word m Alberto BronziniHead of the Youth Sector: “The entire youth sector, starting from under 7 years old, plays an essential role in the development of children, from an educational and kinesthetic/sports viewpoint. Inclusion, Hospitality and Respect are our core values ​​that make Rugby Vidana 1970 an essential institution for the entire community. The activity we do in Viadana schools and in the neighboring municipalities is an example of how Rugby Viadana 1970 works for families in our area. The educational side and the sports side go hand in hand. The sports aspect is gradually becoming more important and the activity that we do first with under 17 and then with under 19 is an example of that. Work defined by departments and role, sports training, technical and tactical training are important. U17 and U19 play important leagues. U19 is a senior rugby waiting room with a very challenging activity, very similar to that of the first team. Obviously not all athletes will be able to have the physical/technical skills to get into the first team right away, hence the importance of our Cadet Team, which plays an essential role in this phase of the transition between youth and senior rugby. Athletes continue their training by increasing commitment and skills, and then, for those with the skills, the opportunity to debut in the first team.”

So, congratulations to those people who have completed their growth path here, at Rugby Viadana 1970, and succeeded in achieving their goal of making it to the much needed first team, this is an incentive for those who will come later to commit themselves and follow their dreams. Very proud of Rugby Viadana to see our youth making their way in the important game of rugby. A well-functioning youth sector is the engine of a team that aims to achieve high goals.

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