Rugby: World Cup, 32 Blue summoned | Olympia News 24 hours

Rome, September 21. – (Adnkronos) – Andrea de Giandomenico, women’s national rugby team coach, announced today during the press conference at the Olympic Stadium the list of 32 players called up for the 2021 Rugby World Cup, scheduled in New Zealand by October. From the eighth to the twelfth of November. The selection was made after an intense summer of preparations and three Test matches to approach the World Championships, against Canada (July 24, Starlight Stadium – Langford, 34-24) and France (September 3, Stade Arboras – Nice, 21-0; September 9, Rugby Stadium – Biella, 26-19) the team chosen by the coach, for the second time at the head of the technical staff that will fly to the World Cup, consists of eighteen forwards and fourteen full-backs; Of the thirty-two athletes selected, twenty-five play in the national championship, four in the French one and three in the English first division. “We are very satisfied with the preparations that have been made with the World Cup approaching: the great commitment of all the athletes and staff allows us to be today, on the eve of departure, aware of our capabilities and confident that we will be able to face the event with the right preparation. We have a well-balanced team in all departments. , excellent skills and potential variables. As always, the field will give its answer; we can’t wait to get involved,” said Di Giandomenico. Elisa Giordano (56 caps) was chosen as captain, earning scores from Manuela Forlan, who was injured in his first test match with France ( right knee sprain). Forlan (88 caps) will take part in the expedition after a positive evaluation by the medical staff about his possible career recovery that will allow him to take to the field during the competition: “We are very sorry for Manuela’s injury – explains the head coach – after the first moment of emotional reaction, we moved on to further examinations and evaluations.There is a possibility, obviously to be evaluated day in and day out, that Manuela could enter the field during the tournament: we have gathered this, together with the will of the athlete, to decide to go this way. Hard work to be done and the result will not be taken for granted, we are sure of the positive contribution Manuela will make to the expedition.” Melissa Bitoni (72 games) and Michela Cellari (70 games) are the vice captain of the selected team, and Sarah Baraten, the Italian sprinter with the most matches scored in the Azzurri (107) and captain on the occasion of the world trip to Ireland in 2017. She will participate in the World Cup finals her second. Together with her, Arrigiti, Bettoni, Federighi, Forlan, Guy, Giordano, Rigoni, Cellari, Stefan, Locatelli, Madea, Magatti and Tonisi repeated their participation in the World Cup. Sofia Rolfi (Rugby Colorno) is the only absolute rookie to start with the group. Michela Tondinelli, assistant coach, will be making her first world championship covering a technical role, after three appointments as a player and 13 event appearances. Italy, ranked fifth in the world rankings, will leave on Thursday 22 September for Auckland, the first stage of preparations for the scheduled Group B matches with Canada (October 9), USA (October 16) and Japan (October 23). The matches will be broadcast live in simultaneous broadcasting on Rai 2 and Sky Sport, these are the 32 named athletes. Belloni: Francesca Barro, Lucia Gay, Gaia Maris, Michela Merlot, Sarah C, Emmanuel Stica, Silvia Torrani. Prostitutes: Melissa Bitoni, Vittoria Ficini. Second line: Giordana Duca, Valeria Federighi, Isabella Locatelli, Sarah Tonisi. Third line: Ilaria Arigiti, Giada Franco, Elisa Giordano (centre), Francesca Sgorbeni, Beatrice Veronese. Half Scrum: Sarah Baraten, Sophia Stefan. Opening averages: Veronica Madea, Emma Stefanen. Centers: Beatrice Capomagi, Alyssa de Inca, Beatrice Rigoni, Michela Cellari. Wings/Limbs: Manuela Forlan, Francesca Granzotto, Maria Magati, Ora Mozzo, Vittoria Ostuni Minozzi, Sofia Rolfi.