SCARIOLO: It will be a very long season, we must be prepared to suffer and build – BOLOGNABASKET

On the eve of his return to Bologna, Corriere di Bologna and Resto del Carlino gave an interview to Sergio Scarello – among others.
An excerpt from his speech.

parties? Sober, because of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and the United Nations summit in New York. The King and the Head of Government called me, very happy, but they all postponed the moment when they wanted to celebrate us in a more solemn way.

secrets? I think there is no one. My job is to improve those around me. Get to know everyone accurately, and through methods and tactics, put a group of them in good shape
I do most of it.

Moving on to Virtus, what team have you built? I’ve given my opinions on putting together the team, and I’ve been in frequent contact with the CEO (Paolo Ronci, editor) and know what possibilities and limits have been set. I watched all the training sessions and friendlies, then sends my feedback to the assistants. But at first, the coach wants to be in skin contact with the team to understand something more.
The day before yesterday, around lunchtime, I started following one of my Virtus training sessions. And then I sent a 10-minute vowel to my assistant.

It would be a potential 80-match season. We must be able to understand whether we have the technical, mental and personal strength. If we are united in overcoming difficult moments, he will be there, and able not to worry after two defeats or ecstasy after two victories. It will depend on many factors that have to do with the list, but much more on how you are able to build a real team compact entity with S capital.

Goals? Living day by day, having good training, good match and good match analysis. I’ve seen the massive boosting of almost all of our direct competitors, we’ve built, within our means, a team that can allow us, if injuries leave us calm and we’ll find a working harmony, to be able to be competitive and be a team with a right to a Euroleague citizenship. You can’t set very specific or precise goals without seeing the lists and first games of others. It will be a very long season, and we have to be prepared to suffer and build to be at some point a respectable team with identity, moral and technical strength.

Did Messina send you a message after the European success? Will the challenge remain with Milan in the league? Yes, Ettore wrote to me. We and Milan are the two teams with the most potential, but we obviously won’t be alone by judging the lists. Olympia has been further strengthened in the Italian division, where other teams have taken important steps forward and will be able to use all players. We have a deep list, but we should not forget that the tournament is different from the Euroleague and that the “strength rating” in Serie A should be done by evaluating this. With Alibegovic and Tesitori out double our Italian fleet, we have included two youngsters who will be able to help us in some regular season games but the look is different from last year.