Season start for rugby Parabiago

The start of the season for rugby Parabiago that starts with new coach Daniel Borino, as well as with news in training.

Parabago rugby season begins

“Let’s call our 16th man on the field. We need you to support us like you always do. Don’t miss it.”

Daniel Borino speaks loudly and clearly: he wants to share his first bench rugby adventure in Parabiago with all of Rossoblo’s passionate environment. The new coach has already begun work on the formation of the “rooster” in light of the now imminent start of the Serie A championship, with assistant Juan Pablo Sanchez and a team with no shortage of news.

A fitting thank you was greeted with the opening of Giovanni Grilotti, second line Vittorio Volta Bobelli, third line Lorenzo del Acqua and Gianpaolo Spinelli and props Sebastian Diez and Carlo Corbeta, Rugby Parabiago enthusiastically welcomed the faces of Capelli, Kochi, Giorgi Mamo, Paganin and Piccoli, young players from under 19 who joined the team The first this year.

“The squad has changed a bit compared to last season – says Borino – the historic Parabago players were assured of their under-19 side, and some of them made their debut last year. There are no promises – that’s what the ex-coach Rovato confirms – but I am convinced that by Working with determination and passion that drives us, we will have an excellent championship. A special thought goes to our captain Joshua Michaeli, who, after the last ligament reconstruction, we hope will be ready for the second round.”

Team and scheduled test matches

Before the debut in the league, scheduled for the “Venegoni Marazzini” on Sunday 2 October, Parabiago is expected to have some interesting test matches: today Friday 16 September at 20.30 the students face the Settimo Milanese team. On Sunday 18 September at 11 am, the U-17 team will play a triple match with rugby Milan and Piacenza rugby at Corione in Milan. At Molinello di Rho, on the other hand, the Under 19s face the host and Biella. On Sunday 18 September at 5:30 pm, Serie A Verona awaits at the Venegoni Marazzini. Last week, the two top teams played two friendlies at the Invernesse stadium in Brescia. The Cadets did well with Lower Brescia. there
Initially with Rugby League Two Brescia, he has already shown pleasant flashes of play.

the flower

Players Niccol Albano (Juli 3/4), Matteo Bodo (extreme), Angelo Bertone (2nd/3rd lane), Simone Briucci (3rd lane), Samuel Caluso (midfield), Simone Capelli (return of the escort), Edo Maria Carabile (3rd row, Juan Ignatio Castellano ( Belloni), Matteo Castiglioni (half-scrum), Emilio Catalano
(The Pylon), Christian Ceaprazaru (Julie 3/4), Matteo Cavaro (Scrum Center), Renzo Cornego (Hawker/The Pylon),
Marcelo Cortelazzi (centre/wing), Adrien Cozaglio (winger), Thomas Cocci (centre), Matteo Durante (centre), Luca Fulcinetti (Hooker), Flavio Fusco (Hooker), David Galvani (third line), Samuel Giorgi (The Pylon) , Niccol Grassi (Apertura), Riccardo Leorato (Ala), Jacopo Loretone (2nd / 3rd streak), Dario Magini (2nd streak), Matteo Mamo (centre), Federico Manoini (3rd streak), Mirco Maspero (3rd streak), Joshua Mikael (3rd place), Ricardo
Paganin (3rd lane), Franco Palazini (Xtreme/Apertura), Thomas Palmieri (3rd lane), Hala Benihoro (centre), Christian Piccoli (utility back), Jose Carlos Polio Martinez (Beloni), Lucas Rizzato (2nd lane), Gabriel Sabatilo (Hooker), Andreas Schlecht (centre), Thomas Schlecht (3rd line), Facundo Silva Soria (opening), Francesco Simeone (the pylon), Mattia Strada (the pylon), Paolo Tulassi (3rd line), Mattia