Seasonal Credits 2022-2023 – Tiscali Sport

Click on Credit CardsThe accreditation reserved for journalists will be granted on the basis of criteria established by the Media Regulations and the availability of spaces and positions, upon request emailed to without fail by Friday, September 30, 2022. Photographers must, on the basis of the LBA Media Regulations, Submit an application directly to Legabasket, by September 25th.

In line with the provisions of the agreement between Serie A and the Italian Sports Press Association (USSI), in compliance with Serie A media regulations and in line with the availability and needs of the club, Dinamo Banco di Sardegna communicates with newsrooms and journalists from print media, television, agencies, radio and websites Criteria, times and methods for requesting press accreditation for the 2022-2023 competitive season.

journalists. From tomorrow Saturday 24 September until Friday 30 September, it will be possible to send a specific request by sending an email to with a letterhead request from the director of the magazine. Note the limited number of workstations equipped for printing, the company reserves the right to evaluate applications for accreditation and determine the allocation of places by giving priority to specialized publications and based on writing needs, article publication times and the actual and continuous presence of approved persons in internal tenders, in a climate of desired and common cooperation with all information operators individual.

Once awarded by e-mail, credits – which are personal and not transferable to third parties – can be obtained at Dinamo offices (via Rome 144/D), with times and methods to be announced with subsequent communications.

Photography. The editorial team has also been informed about the short routes, in accordance with the provisions of the LBA Media Regulations for this season, with the system referred to in Annex 7, “Photographers who intend to arrive at Palazzetti to perform their professional activity are required to apply for the LBA, by September 25, to be included in the “List Seasonal Photographers.” After this date, the LBA will publish the list of photographers who have received this seasonal accreditation by listing it on the website. Photographers with a Seasonal Photographer Accreditation will subsequently be able to submit an application to the Host Club for access to the Palazzetto for the individual competition (“Race Photographer Accreditation”).

Spaces in the stadium. During the match, photographers and videographers, who will only be able to access the stadium and wear the identification bib exclusively (except for the various provisions regarding exclusive rights to be communicated), will be allowed to stop at the sides of the basket and at the edges of the court, I play only for the time necessary to shoot and for a limited time anyway At the points where its presence prevents the view of LED walls and billboards placed on the sides of the parquet.

Dinamo Banco di Sardegna and its press office, in full compliance with the work of each editorial team and each individual information operator, remain available for any clarification or need, trusting the maximum cooperation of journalists, photographers and videographers in order to guarantee to everyone the best possible working conditions.

Sasari September 23, 2022

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