September 17, 2017: Ferrari disaster in Singapore – HISTORY

Mercedes’ double win at the Italian Grand Prix five years ago, in the 2017 season, led to a clear and balanced position in the drivers’ classification: with success at Monza, Lewis Hamilton He retained his world championship lead, leading Ferrari by only three points Sebastian VettelAll seven rounds of the championship final. Archived the test in Italy, therefore, presented the first direct challenge between the two himself with Singapore Grand Prix 2017, il September 17. Head-to-head, in a totally sexy way, he was able to smile at Hamilton at the Circuit Marina Baywithout any special efforts on the part of the British.

To better understand what happened, it is necessary to take a step back. That season, Mercedes’ number 44 man first found himself Valtteri Bottas as a teammate, called by Williams to replace the character Nico Rosberg, who retired from racing after winning the title the previous year. On the contrary, Ferrari confirmed that the pair formed Vettel and Kimi Raikkonenwith the Germans in a full-fledged battle to seize the seal of the fifth world championship, corresponding to the first with red.

On the eve of the Asian weekend, it was McLaren Announcing the end of the relationship with Honda engines for 2018, the English team formalized a new and unprecedented agreement with Renault. At the same time, the Japanese manufacturer signed a new partnership with Toro Rosso, again from 2018, while the driver market marked a passing Carlos Sainz From the same team from Faenza to Renault, in this case instead of Jolyon Palmer.

In all of this, to dominate the free practice scene was absolutely Red Bull: In fact, the Anglo-Austrian team closed all three driving sessions, in two cases with Daniel Ricciardo and in one with Max Verstappen. With these assumptions, qualifying seemed to book a positive result for one of the Milton Keynes drivers, who instead turned out to be not: the fight for number one in fact rewarded an ex-Red Bull as Sebastian Vettel, right in front of him and his RB14s and teammate Raikkonen, in turn ahead of Hamilton.

With the Englishman’s fifth, therefore, the German’s start to the post can be used as a golden opportunity to maintain leadership even in the race, and try to overtake a counterattack in the world championship: a goal, however, was literally destroyed in the street. When the green light came, Ferrari number 5 closed to his left VerstappenOn the other side of the track, is surrounded by Raikkonen. The latter, trying to bypass the Dutchman, came in contact At number 33, he loses control of the car and crashes against your teammate. Verstappen commented in post-race interviews on the ring as follows: “I’m glad my Ferrari drivers have retired too and not just me,” asserting his innocence as he found himself stuck in a “sandwich” by the drivers. From Scuderia de Maranello.

With this superb double KO for the Maranello team, Lewis Hamilton made the best of it, taking the lead in the race ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, with then-composer Valtteri Bottas returning to third place. Thanks to the collision at the start, the Singapore GP also had major implications for the world championship for Ferrari and Vettel. And so the Englishman, who had two more victories at the end of the season, got a chance to win his victory Fourth world titleMercedes has also established itself in the constructors’ championship.

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