Serie A, Milan – Napoli 1-2: Spalletti beats San Siro

It all happens in the second half: Giroud responds to Politano’s penalty, Simeone enters and decides the big match with a kick

I Naples beats 2-1 I Milan In San Siro in the seventh day of the Italian Serie A match and confirmed At the top of the ranking, on a par with Atalanta. The first half in the strong colors of the Rossoneri ends with white goals, while at the beginning of the second half he thinks about it. politano, on penalty kicks, to introduce the guests (55′). Pioli men react and find the same Jerrod (69′), but at 78′ it comes Winning Pumpkin Substitute Simeone Who judges Milan by first knockout of the season.

the match

And the Intense and amazing matchYou deserve to be two of the fittest teams at the start of the current season. Milan is preferred for the amount of play and the amount of chances createdbut boys Spalletti Gives proof of great maturityWhich proves that he does not suffer from dizziness and takes him home the scalp of italian heroesundoubtedly one of its main competitors Scudetto, which now more than ever can fail to be a concrete objective. Pioli can blame some Extreme inattention in defensebut you should also enjoy one A team that confirms all its qualities and strong identityEven an orphan of 90 pieces like Lion. On the other hand is The first defeat after 9 months in the Italian league.

Starting with the right foot, the hosts attack their opponents in their own half, as usual, and immediately put them under pressure. The An exciting first chance for the Rossoneri: right big of Jerrod And a great reflection of Merrittwhich deflects the ball towards crossbar. Naples depends above all on Kfaratskhelia tears and ai Politano stabs In the spaces left by the Rossoneri behind the full-back, but without worrying Minyan. In the 28th minute Milan are still one step away from the advantage: Krunic’s head on corner developmentsAnother wonderful parade Merritt. It’s the final sentiment in the first half with mainly the Rossoneri’s fire, but it’s generally balanced.

At the start of the second half, Napoli try to raise their center of gravity, but the difference is always the usual. Kvaratskhelia: after 5′ another starting point, Do it in the Dist (taken from Calabria yellow card) The The penalty set by Mariani after an on-screen examination. On the disc appears politanowho kicks bad but finds A hole under Mainian’s belly It loads by itself. Milan’s reaction is immediate and powerful, Beoli’s men flow forward and enter Diaz and Messi The Brazilian has a great chance of equalizing, on the invention of De Ketelaere, but Merritt is still careful. The Rossoneri’s pressure paid off after a few minutes, when he was still De Kettlery hunts Theo deepwho crosses back and finds Jerrod’s claw, a forgotten comet in the center of the region and infallible by that mass. The inertia seems to be on the Rossoneri side, but less than a quarter of an hour from the end Napoli is the one who scores the double: soft cross Mario Roy e Simeone’s winning zucchini (Take command of the imperceptible Raspadori), which also benefits from one Reviewable tag by Tomori To penetrate Minyan into the far post. The final suspense of the Azure comes from another cross from the left, pounce on it rabbit In the offensive projection, but With the door wide open, the French defender hit the entire crossbar. The second forest in the evening for Milan, the last concert of Naples.

report cards

Jerrod 6.5 – He touched the goal in the first half, stopped by a superb tackle from Merritt, he found it in the second half, with a claw like a real thrower. He is among the heroes of the evening, but this is not enough.
Kjaer 5.5.4 Update – Yellow after 18 minutes for committing a bad mistake on Kvaratskhelia, which made him confused more than once and forced Pioli to replace him at the end of the first half.
Ketelaere 6 – Sometimes he disappears a little from the field, but when he can get to the heart of the maneuver, he brings out all his qualities. With a great play in depth, the action begins that leads to 1-1.
Destination 4,5 – A very heavy genius at the beginning of filming, I just entered. Even in the offensive phase, you see little and make many mistakes.

Kvaratskhelia 7 – In the first half, it was Napoli’s beacon, he lit the light with his snatches and warned both scorers. At the start of the second half, he also surrendered to a Calabria substitute, giving Politano a 0-1 penalty. can not be contained.
Raspaduri 5 – In fact, she never participated in the Blue Maneuver, which almost always unfolds from the outside. He runs very empty and does not create risks, in his place Simeone decides the game.
Mario Roy 7 Perfect in the defensive phase, always punctual and decisive in contradictions. He also has the advantage of giving Simeone good help worthy of victory. To be framed evening.
Kim 6,5 For the defense of Naples there is a lot of work, not flawless on Giroud’s goal, but good at holding out until the end and helping to raise the fort.


Milan 1-2 Napoli
Milan (4-2-3-1): Mignan 6; Calabria 5.5 (1′ st Dest 4,5), Kjaer 5,5 (1′ st Kalulu 6), Tomori 5, Hernandez 6,5; Bennacer 6,5, Tonali 6,5; Saelemaekers 5.5 (21′ st Messias 6), De Ketelaere 6 (37′ st Adli sv), Krunic 6,5 (21′ st Diaz 6,5); Jerrod 6,5.
CoachPegs: 6.5
Naples (4-2-3-1): takes 7; Di Lorenzo 6, Rahmani 6, Kim 6.5, Mario Roy 7 (45′ + 1 Oliveira St. sv.); Anguissa 6, Lobotka 6.5; Politano 6.5 (21′ st Zerbin 6), Zielinski 6 (42′ st Elmas sv), Kvaratskhelia 7 (42′ st Ndombele sv); Raspadori 5 (21′ Simeone Street 7).
Coach: Spalletti 7
Rule: Mariani
Signs: 10′ st. Politano (N), 24′ st Giroud (M), 33′ st Simeone (N)
ammonite: Kjaer (M), Calabria (M), Krunic (M), Rrahmani (N), Simeone (N), Tomori (M), Zerbin (N)


For the first time since February 13, 1955, Inter, Juventus, Roma and Milan lost a match in the Italian League on the same day.
Milan lost their first Serie A match since January 17 (1-2 against Spezia), interrupting a streak of 22 unbeaten league matches.
Olivier Giroud has scored the goal for three consecutive league games for the first time since July 2020 in a Chelsea shirt in the Premier League.
Olivier Giroud made eight shots in the match against Napoli and never in his career in the Big Five European Championships has he tried more than in one match.
– Before Matteo Politano, Maurizio Domezzi was the last Napoli player to convert a penalty kick away against AC Milan in Serie A, on January 13, 2008.
Matteo Politano scored his third penalty in Serie A out of five served – the last goal was a penalty on May 7, 2017 with Sassuolo.
Matteo Politano has not scored more goals in Serie A against any team than Milan: four goals, all coming at the Meazza.
Giovanni Simeone’s third goal against Milan in Serie A, after the two goals he scored in the 2017/18 season with Fiorentina.
Giovanni Simeone scored his fourth goal as a substitute in Serie A since February 17, 2019 for Fiorentina against SPAL.
– The 150th presence in the Italian league for Radi Krunic, 70 of which arrived in the Milan shirt.