Serie A, Milan-Napoli slow motion, Udinese-Inter, Monza-Juventus, Roma-Atalanta

Only Di Maria was sent off at Monza, not a mistake by Valerie at Udinese-Inter

Slow motion for Udinese-Inter, Monza-Juventus, Roma-Atalanta and Milan-Napoli.


Three important moments in Valerie’s direction, with good help from Var (Aureliano). The first was held in Udinese 1-1: Inter claim a foul by Bekao on Dzeko, but it is the Bosnian who “collapses” to the ground after the Friuli freed himself from blocking his shirt. 2nd: Dumfries, Peto’s “shoulder”, loses his balance, kicking an attacker who falls a few meters away; The contact is present, Valery sees that he does not punish the initial blow of the attacker. 3rd: At 3-1 the success is in “offside” that doesn’t affect (on Handanovic and D’Ambrosio, who doesn’t protest at all) also because the ball is high and past the affected area.

Monza – Juventus (Maresca)

Marisca is usually generous with cards, and the race starts with the idea of ​​not displaying too much yellow at once: but Pablo Maro (on Pereira), Gatti (on Caprari) and Kostik (on Motta) deserve it in sequence. Marisca could not fail to show Di Maria that Izu provoked him, and he reacted to the provocations by cutting a violent elbow into Monza’s chest: the expulsion without discussion. In the second half, Vlahovic fell to the ground in the 6th minute: he was not pushed and a few minutes later McKinney deserved yellow on Ezo. Monza’s advantage goal went smoothly: Gytkjaer in play. Corrected, below, are the warnings to Ciurria and Caldirola (who may have deserved it first on McKennie) and extended recovery ending with a 5′ + 2′ + 1′ consonant.

Rome – Atlanta (Chevy)

The game in which Chiffi appears insecure on many occasions. At the start of the race, de Rhone carried Pellegrini first and then Zaniolo, without warning. Maehle’s yellow card was in a rush and came late on Mancini, but was injured afterwards. At 40′ 1st Giallorossi protests: Demiral blocks Zaniolo in the area, Chevy doesn’t whistle his penalty. In the second half are two identical cases: mutual restraint in the area between Okoli and Zaniolo. On the first Chevy whistle of the free kick outside the area and then resumes with the basic error and when Hatebor restarts Mourinho enters the field: straight red and protests by the Giallorossi technician. In a second let it go.

Milan – Naples (Mariani)

It takes 2’07” to understand what really happened between Dest and Kvara: two minutes and more as Var must call Mariani for a field review. The referee – not in a good position – was convinced that the Milan defender had seized the ball. Instead, the contact of the right foot and the right foot in the Rossoneri is objective, so Mariani has to assess the severity of the intervention: the intensity is not overwhelming, and therefore it is very similar to “Regino”. In the rest, shoulder and back shots hit the area by De Ketelaere (18 points) and Di Lorenzo on Theo’s shot at 12′, warnings while two were missing or from Saelemekers at Lobotka (8′ points) and Bennacer prevented Zielinski’s escape. But the assessment of rigor remains above all: the connection is there but …