Serie B – Supercoppa, Agribertocchi Orzinuovi: Preview against San Miniato

continue the wayAgribertocchi Orzinovy in the Super Cup. Coach Marco Calvani’s side, after defeating a tough and structured formation like Desio, the host, inside friendly walls in Palabertocchi, Etrusca Basket San Miniato, fresh out of the happy derby they won by measure against Piombino. The Tuscan Association is now a staple in the third national series, and with time, with seriousness and planning, it has been able to establish a strong credibility that will allow it to touch the A2 series during last season’s playoffs, firing interesting youngsters and only surrendering in the final against Joffe Cremona.

The list available to coach Alessio Marchini presents a game structure based on the pivot made up of Niccol Ventoroli (15 points scored in the victory over Piombino), the winger capable of playing the role of an additional playmaker and Alessandro Spati of the Brescia center (scored 13 points and 8 rebounds captured in the win On Piombino), a great experience, with a guaranteed comeback and a strong defensive readiness. Under the boards, ready to battle with the Long Ocean pack, are Luca Tozzi (14 points and 9 rebounds captured in the win over Piombino), great sense of position, and Daniel Ohnin (8 rebounds captured in the win against Piombino). Piombino), skilled at emphasizing his fitness and athleticism in rebounding. The task of setting the pace and time of the offensive maneuver is in the hands of Renato Quartuccio, a playmaker who is short in stature, but has quick thinking and is able to motivate his teammates. Leaving the bench, ready to maintain high quality and intensity on the pitch, Stefano Capusio, precious and decisive in the team’s economy, and Leonardo Cipriani, a flexible and methodical pawn, responded.

Matteo Mattioli, first assistant coach Marco Calvani, analyzes the opponent and expresses his feelings: “We expect the eighth final of the Super Cup against San Miniato. It’s a young team that trained well under coach Alessio Marchini and went into last season’s final to reach Serie A. The roster has been partially revamped, but the leadership remains in the hands of playmaker Renato Quartuccio, an experienced player who has been wearing the San Miniato shirt for years. Niccolò Venturoli is also a very interesting and fit, left winger, seen in Crema, with a good finish from behind the arc and consistent in penetration. It will also be necessary to have a look at Stefano Capuzio, a physical piece, and a pair of long kits formed by Alessandro Spati, skilled at pickup, pop and shooting from long distances, and Daniel Ohnin, on loan from Cividal, who makes his best gun. A big battle awaits us, but we want to pass the round at any cost, and above all, our will to extend the winning streak and positive trend. ”

Nicola Alessandrini, the powerful striker of Agribertocchi Orzinuovi and returning from the start of the season with great influence, comments as follows: “Against San Miniato it will certainly be a complex match. They are an excellent team, they make energy and defense their strong point. We have to be good at getting into the game well, from the first minute, and doing everything we promise in training with the right amount of focus and competitive tenderness.”

The duo ball is scheduled for Saturday 17th September at 20.30 at PalaBertocchi in Orzinuovi, Via Lonato SNC.

Entry is free and on this occasion an information desk will be set up, where it will be possible to sign up for the next season of the second division.