She is 71 to 65 in Treviso

Tonight’s challenge has a tournament flavor. A little over two weeks before the Serie A championship, Balacanstro Trieste faces the Treviso basket that has some old acquaintances among its ranks, first and foremost, Adrian Banks, the great champion of last season.
Trieste must dispense with injured Lever and center Skyler Spencer, both of whom will arrive early next week. Treviso is shown without Jocatam, Sokolovsky and Gatunen.
Red and White start strong with 4 points in AJ Pacher rows emphatically immediately, but then get distracted and offer a few easy baskets to opponents. Coach Legovich tries to restore order at 8-6 from the gun. The defensive strength of the Trieste players and inspired Davis in his guidance leads Julian to 14-10.
However, Treviso is good at reclaiming the ball by turning a good group and putting his head forward with a hat-trick from Simone.
The first part of the match ends at 18 to 16 for Nicolas’ team.
A difficult start to the second quarter for the players from Legovic who gave up too much for the Treviso players who reached +9 midway through the Erogbo treble. AJ Pacher once again sounds the alarm as he turns into a two-point game plus an extra free throw. Sorokas of Three brings red and white back to -10. As Trieste struggles to find Treviso’s outside strike points from outside the arc and with Sarto Treviso’s maximum advantage comes at 37-23. Frank Bartley fixes the defect under the double figures with four consecutive points, bringing Trieste to -8. The first half of the match ends at 37 to 29 for Nutribullet.
Frank Bartley opens the dances on returning from the locker room and brings his team back to -5, but Treviso’s two-pointers from three straight throws by Iroegbu and Sorokas, again lead with a double of +11 for the Venetians. Davis and his teammates rearrange the attack by finding a few comfortable mid-range shots and Bartley’s astronomical triple find -4. The American asserts himself in an excellent ballistic moment with a prayer of 3-24 inches, with an additional free throw. Treviso runs out of the bounty and Trieste takes the opportunity to send Gaines to the frame that unlocks his game by first turning 2 for free and then finding a trio that brings Red and White back to -3 and a half minutes past the end of the quarter.
The fourth quarter was marked by errors on both sides, with defenses very keen not to concede anything to the opponent. Treviso pushes Trieste back into every attempt to get close to him, but the drafting between Vildera, Pacher and Davis brings profits to Coach Legovich’s team that is in possession far from the Treviso players. The last two minutes on the parquet of PalaMare with great defensive intensity. The missing ball that Treviso failed to convert causes Nicola’s men to crash, leaving an open shot for Gaines, a red and white -1. It is always the American who completes the return from Trieste with another trio; Trieste’s first advantage is after 36 minutes of play in which Treviso led the match.
The Granite’s defense of Trieste leads the Venetians to force their last possessions. Red and White on the counterattack with a thank Davis and reaching +4 only 14″ from the end of the bout.
Bossi closes accounts with 2/2 free and sets the score from 71 to 65 for Trieste.

Nutribullet Treviso – Basketball Trieste 65-71 (18-16, 37-29, 56-50)

Nutribullet Treviso: Banks, Iroegbu 17, Sarto 10, Torresani, Gloria ne, Zanelli 4, Vettori 3, Sorokas 12, Faggian 5, Cooke 8, Scandiuzzi, Simioni 6. All. Nicola

Basketball Trieste: Gaines 14, Pacher 9, Bossi 4, Davis 6, Deangeli 2, Marcius 2, Antonio ne, Campogrande, Vildera 14, Bartley 20. All. Legovich