Sinner-Cerundolo, Italy-Argentina of the Davis Cup: La Diretta-

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Brittney defeats Baez, Sener makes his Davis Cup debut in the match against Serondolo. Argentina captain Correa chose to exclude No. 1 Schwartzman. So grab is a place in the quarter-finals

17:31 – Serondolo returns: 4-3

The match continues from point to point, from match to match, between the Argentine and Sener. Forward Argentina.

Ore 17:24 – Jannick c’! 3-3

Crazy exchange, Sinner’s fourth straight point, 15-40 to 3-3!

17:19 – 3-2 Argentina

A complicated race for Sinner, who still finds himself underneath.

Raw 17:17 – c ‘erroneous: 2-2

South Tyrol grabs 2-2 on the spot.

17:12 – Argentina lead again: 2-1

If they play point by point, Sener and Cironulo. The Argentine is back.

17:01 – corrects the erroneous immediately: 1-1

Another tough match, Jannick hit par.

16:56 – Striker Cerondolo: 1-0

The first match immediately fought a difficult battle: the Argentine passes Sener.

Rikaz 16:48 – Wrong in Campo

Dribbling Janek Sener, who will start his first Davis Cup match against Argentina’s Cerondolo in a matter of minutes.

16:35 – Magico Berrettini beat Italy from Malaga

Italy beat Malaga. After the 3-0 game against Croatia, Matteo Berrettini in Bologna opened the second game of the group by defeating Argentine Sebastian Pez 6-2 6-3 and assisting Yannick Sener, who closed in the second game of the afternoon to Francisco Cerondolo already speaking. and postponed to November, when the final stages of the Davis Cup will be held in Spain. This time, unlike on Wednesday against Coric, Brittini charted a clear trajectory. In the first set, the Roman took his serve in the third game, before closing 6-2 without conceding break points. And Berrettini did not calm down in the second half: accelerating in the seventh, Matteo finished 76% of the points and won the first despite four aces. Few by his standards, but they were enough to glorify Bologna.

4:28 p.m. – 6-3 a.m.! Matteo Berrettini wins! 2-0

She wins, convinces, dominates. Matteo Berrettini leading the match from start to finish, Baez had to surrender. Now it’s up to Sinner. Italy 1-0 Argentina.

16:25 – Bayes are awarded a game: 5-3

Excellent plays for the Argentine who falls short.

16:22 – Peretini’s fly: 5-2

It comes out 15-30, recovers and closes. Another extension for Mathieu, who is close to victory.

16:18 – Here’s an extension of Matthew: 4-2

Brittney takes two games forward: 4-2. A final double foul by Baez who gave the first inning.

16:13 – Brittney again: 3-2

A perfect view of Mathieu who is stepping forward once again.

16:09 – Bayes’ Perfect Match: 2-2

The Argentine’s first game went smoothly, and he finished it off with his first: back to a draw.

16:05 – Mathieu’s return: 2-1

With every match Baez wins, Berrettini dominates in the next: Blue returns.

Kick 15:59 – Barry Bays, 1-1

Baez realized the same, thanks to two mistakes Berrettini made after some great exchanges between the two. 1-1.

15:55 – Brittany’s run continues: 1-0

The first match of the second group on Matteo Berrettini. With just over half an hour of play, the Italians are ahead.

3:49 p.m. – 6-2 a.m.! The first group in Berrettini! 1-0 Italy

Unleash his full potential in this game, Matteo Berrettini. The last double foul by Paez was decisive: Italy 1 – Argentina. Bayes on the ropes.

3:46 p.m. – Mathieu again: 5-2

The Italian tennis player immediately raises his head, and again stretches on Baez. Gorgeous final ace.

Rikaz 15:41 – All’Argentina 4-2

Bayes responds well to Britney’s accusations and shuts down when he can. Argentina fall short again.

15:40 – go to when: 4-1

Several errors made by Baez in this match, Berrettini exploited and extends 4-1.

3:35 p.m. – Bayes shorter: 3-1

Excellent recovery for the Argentine who won his first game of the day and reduced deficiencies.

15:29 – Brittany Destroyer: 3-0

13 minutes, 3-0 to Matteo Berrettini. The Argentine Paez, who does not seem to be able to keep up with the Romanian tennis player’s pace, is struggling.

15:25 – Immediately 2-0, Mathieu is gone

Excellent so far Matteo Berrettini, who goes 2-0. The Italian’s acceleration that won in the first half was decisive.

3:23 PM – 1-0 Brittany

Matteo Berrettini started well, taking the lead in the first match over Argentine Paez.

15:13 – starts

A few minutes late between Italy and Argentina in the Davis Cup. The match begins between Brittany and Baez.

3.10pm – The Moment of Hymn

Italy sings, and Berrettini sings. Which will start in a few minutes between Italy and Argentina.

15:02 – Here’s Mathieu

On the pitch Berrettini and Baez, in their first ever meeting.

14:54 – We’re almost there

Sinner and Cerundolo are on the field to relax their muscles in light of the impending start of the match between Berrettini and Baez.

2.25 pm – quarters at the post office

Italy are seeking to win the quarter-finals for the fourth time since 2016. Argentina, after their first defeat to Sweden, cannot be mistaken if they want to reach the quarter-finals for the second time since their first historic victory in the event in 2016.

14:24 – Where do you see it on TV

It will be possible to watch the Davis Cup between Italy and Argentina on TV and live broadcast. Here is the guide to follow the challenges.

14:17 – Italy – Argentina: Brittany vs Baez start

after, after A clear 3-0 win over Croatia (in Maidan Mositi, Prittini, and Fognini Bolelli double).Italy’s Davis Cup returned to the field today against Argentina. To open the challenge it will be Berrettini vs. Baez, then it will be Sener vs. Serondolo, making his Davis debut. The captain of Argentina decided not to use no. 1. Schwartzman.

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