Spal starts again, Virtus stays in position at home

Virtus Corno – SPAL Cordovado 1-3
Goals: 12′ Zanier, 29′ de Blasie, 40′ Cociardi, 75′ Gizo

Virtus Horn: Nutta, Kanapari, Martincigh, Fall (60′ Mocchiutti), Goubadia (56′ Vulpio), Books, Cucciardi, Sittaro (30′ Finotti), Bressan (70′ Pizzarini), Ime Akam, Quintana (49′ Don) – everybody. Marco Perisotti.

Slip Cordovado Shepherd Massimiliano Rossi.

RuleThe sect of Fabio Cosimo Calo. Department of Udine, Lionel Biagi and Alessio Mondello Trieste.

NB – Booked at: 77 ‘Finotti, 78′ Fantuz. Corners: 7-3. Injury time: 1t. 1′ – 2t. 0’.

The second external victory of spal l 3-1 in the field Virtus trumpetwhich repeats the distant result accrued on the first day vs. Brian Legnano. The guests had an advantage with Zannier in the 12th minute, a double with De Blasi in the 29th minute. De Cociardi’s momentary goal with a score of 2-1 against five from the end of the first half, Guizzo closed it in the 75th minute with a goal victory, to prove the score in the end 3-1.

Immediately affectionate: After 1’30” low cross lighters It ends at my feet I buy Which skips the shot but finds the aberration printed on the post, and the touch on the grid is useless Rome, because the assistant recognized the offside position of attacking midfielder Spallino. The joy of the guests was only delayed by 10 minutes: excellent crafting right from my placeAnd the RomeAnd the lighters With the latter in photography serving that low touch thresholds Zanier It turns into a feature worthy network.
Virtus interacts with to do Brother, veered to a corner by a quarter-hour strike. Double the possibility to 20 minutes for guests, from my place He cuts the field from right to left with a hole that you place Rome Practically only in front of crying, an excellent reflection of the extreme virtue that rejects threat. The guest monologue continues, almost doubling at the 27th minute with lighters Serve it directly sfrissoout of nowhere outside the country.
However, the doubling down two minutes later is up in the air: Roma’s bid rejected by Nutta ends on my former feet to plassi, who scored in favor of SPAL 2-0. Five from the end of the first half, he came back under the leadership of Virtus, a great free kick by Cociardi Who overcomes the barrier and slides unstoppably to the right sfrisso. The match was reopened with the home team devouring the toss in the 45th minute: CociardiAmong his most active works is a beautiful ball to make a name Two meters from the goal line, the possibility of bringing the match back to balance fails dramatically.

The second part of the game that spans from life to cluttered gameplay, few playable balls for attackers with the result of very rare occasions on both sides. Fifteen minutes after the end, Spal drops the trio in developing a corner kick: to plassi Find the path in the far center where he hunts FantoiseGuilty left alone, he has plenty of time to run and then stand in the way eyelashwho places his paw winning the score that rewards the guests to 3-1.
The team’s reaction was immediate persecutedwhich is very close to 2-3: a stunning rescue is needed by Sfriso, which is repeated in the first minute of recovery on top of a closing wear a dress. On the flip side, guests also have the opportunity to make the result more rounded: a head touch pavan He lost over the bar, the score still nailed at six minutes from injury given 3-1 to Pordenone.

Antonino de Blasi
Pictured: Andrea Citrane

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