Sparco will supply the Red Bull Racing team with clothing

The Turin-based brand led by Aldino Bellazzini has signed a collaboration agreement with the Milton Keynes team to provide drivers and the entire team with fire-resistant clothing for several years, opening a technology partnership aimed at the quest for performance and lightness.

Two Excellencies meet: Red Bull Racing has signed a collaboration agreement with Sparco. World champion Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will wear Turin’s fire-resistant clothing, opening a multi-year partnership which, of course, is not limited to the drivers but extends to all Milton Keynes staff.

Red Bull Racing’s drivers and engineers test all products before giving a positive opinion, emphasizing the quality and comfort of Sparco’s clothing. The Turin-based company, led by Aldino Bellazzini, President and CEO of Sparco, has one of the strengths of the constant search for performance improvement and increased safety threshold through a focus on extreme lightness and customization.

We all know Red Bull’s illustrious designer Adrian Newey’s interest in reducing the crowd with the goal of increasing performance: when the English engineer heard about the characteristics of the new Superleggera suit with the FIA ​​8856-2018 homologation, he heard music in his ears. On a technologically advanced product in which weight savings is only one aspect.

The Superleggera suit for riders will be combined with “X-Light +” boots, “Arrow Biotech” gloves and Sparco underwear. Team members will be equipped with a customized line of products derived from Sparco “Competition” suits and “Tide Meca” gloves in order to meet all comfort and safety requirements as per the team’s requests.

Aldino Bellazzini satisfied: “Sparco is a technology-oriented company, characterized by continuous research to meet the best standards in terms of performance, safety and quality. We see this partnership as an opportunity to continue challenging ourselves. This is the reason for the long-term collaborations and partnerships we have already developed with many motorsport champions. We firmly believe that Oracle Red Bull Racing represents a great opportunity for Sparco to continue moving forward and are honored that he has chosen Sparco for the upcoming season and beyond.”

Christian Horner, Team President and CEO, Red Bull Racing: “Ensuring that our drivers and team are kept with utmost safety is always our priority. Sparco has been at the forefront for more than four decades and we are delighted to welcome them to the team. The fact that their dedication to safety is accompanied by a quest for performance and agility , which are key considerations in racing, makes collaboration even more exciting.”

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