Ferrari, a new fund on the horizon for Singapore. Binotto breaks the silence after Todd’s words

this week F1 In a state of interruption due to cancellation, for reasons now known, from Russian GP that you had to run to Sochi last weekend. The Ferrarireports Motorsport.comtake advantage of this short stop to better prepare for the final part of world 2022seems ready to drive to Singaporenext appointment F1 Coming next weekend, … Read more

F1 is growing in popularity, but MotoGP is not. Because? – MotoGP

There are many reasons why F1 has been relaunched in recent years and Dorna is looking for inspiration. The controversial sprint race is one of them. Here we analyze how the Netflix series reached its fourth F1 edition with excellent results, while unfortunately discontinuing with MotoGP after the first year. September 15, 2022 DrThese times … Read more

da halo a porpoise d

Porpoise Earth effectUltra-fine complex the ring and grip. F1 has its own language and its own language vocabulary exclusive. It’s not easy to follow the Grand Prix if you are not an expert, but with this very practical dictionary we explain in a simple and quick way what those typical expressions mean that those who … Read more

“We are able to build the power units ourselves,” Marco said

In recent days we have mentioned the sudden difficulty between Porsche e Red Bull In finding the right way to unite in this marriage that from 2026 would bring the German manufacturer back to him F1 In the role of engineer and team contributor. Last weekend, in Zandvoort, an agreement between the two sides seemed … Read more

Formula 1, the unbearable social hate campaign towards Hannah Schmitz and Red Bull after the Dutch Grand Prix

As it usually happens on social media, there is a growing suspicion that behind Tsunoda’s bizarre decline is a conspiracy-made Red Bull and Alpha Torey To let enter the virtual safety car of Providence and then victory Max Verstappen At the Zandvoort race. Kind of a conspiracy theory accusing Team Faenza and the head of … Read more