Preparing farewell with Dara Rollins?

to Special Pavel Nedved We hardly know some details, about the long wave of old videos that could have been circulating on social networks, before a crisis erupted Juventus. From her long marriage, we have learned to appreciate the discretion and sober and detached style she adopted Pavel and his wife Ivana (who chose to … Read more

Elari’s anger makes the captain repent

We knew this might be the exact week of the breakup case Totti Placedue to an important confrontation between the legal representatives of the parties with the aim of understanding whether the terms of an out-of-court settlement are still possible. Or if, instead, the way of the court was – it seems – the only … Read more

“A life of vices, mistakes and sins”

For him, even Inter supporters took to the streets. A kind of popular uprising to avoid going through the hated uprising Juventus. It was 2014, and the Colombian in question was considered one of the best midfielders. Today, 8 years later, I made a great impression when I saw him on social media Tears confessing … Read more

Towards the separation agreement, the captain breaks the silence despite the embarrassment

He has chosen to copy in his own way, with daily cross-section images that bring back a stable and solid picture of himself, built in this long farewell on the basis of a single (separate) official press release, some parts of his book. holidays in Tanzania, Dolomites, Fronton mail in Croatia Even the shots are … Read more

A revelation that the ex-captain’s lawyers are working on, evaluates Elari

Foolishness began to float, between denials and interviews, when one could no longer hold back the arrogance of the story – the story of a breakup Totti Place — which then consisted of increasingly organized and detailed details recounting a long farewell that would have taken place in the last long and turbulent months. Totti … Read more