Tennis, Chung is back: fall after success, ordeal and now back to Seoul

The South Korean returned to competition after a two-year hiatus, the first match at home alongside his compatriot Kwon in the doubles tournament, but how difficult is it to return? The Next Generation Blast, Rise to a Grand Slam Level and then Fall. Hyeon Chung, pre-estimated by glasses, is finally ready to return to the … Read more

Noah: “Today tennis is no longer a color. Music was my therapy”

The former tennis player speaks for himself in Trento, from the memory of his victory at Roland Garros (“My father climbed up the stands”) to his superstar son Nba (“I indulged his passion”) Yannick Noah gave a concert Saturday night in Quimper, Brittany, before boarding a plane to Italy. Those details would be enough to … Read more

Federer: A double farewell with Nadal, between tears and applause – Tennis

Paired with his eternal friend rival Rafa Nadal, amidst his usual opponents, amid tears of emotion and thunderous applause of gratitude: Roger Federer’s last performance was shown this evening at the O2 Arena in London. The final act of his tennis adventure ended with a long, intense embrace of 20,000 attendees at the Greenwich Building, … Read more

The proceeds will not cover the costs of the balls.

Padua – Dear Bills The world of tennis threatens, and at the gates of the cold season, many managers of Padua clubs and its boycott have already decided to cover part of the fields at their disposal with balls, in order to reduce costs. Suffice it to say that if we compare to September 2021, … Read more

“With the racket of love at first sight, individual sports don’t give you excuses. Federer? It’s tennis

From volleyball under the net to pioneering the sportswear brand. Giordano Maioli of Piacenza He knew how to handle a bat with talent, but he also knew how to handle a bat with talent, as well as contracts and sponsorships. The 78-year-old was the Italian Junior Champion for two consecutive years and in 1966 won … Read more

Davis Cup, Italy in the finals, 2-1 against Argentina: Brittney and Sinner win

Mathieu and Janek don’t cheat: Argentina were defeated and the Azzurri qualified for the final stage in November even before facing Sweden. Binary Fognini / Bolelli to Gonzalez / Zebalos Written by our reporter Federica Kochi September 16 – Bologna Yannick Sener comes back and lifts and scares and then closes 2-0 Which gave Italy … Read more

Sports Festival Yannick Noah in Trento, champion: “One point, one record”

The last Frenchman to win a Grand Slam will tell Trento of his love for two worlds Ricardo Crivelli September 15 – Milan Two souls, a hero and a musician, which essentially makes him an atypical figure for both the world of sports and the world of show. Winter 1972 Yaounde, Cameroon. United States Champion … Read more

You just need to know this about Federer

Involved I was lucky enough to see him in action. There will be someone like Federer? maybe yes maybe no. I just want to remind you of one thing. Follow me carefully. 2012, Conclusion From the Madrid Championship. blue earth. Federer against the Czech Berdych. In the first set, the Swiss played poorly and lost … Read more

Jannik salad is not indigestible to Carlito

Lettuce, valerian, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, fennel, celery, then salt, oil, vinegar, pepper. How many ingredients does the salad need Yannick feelss? The question, seemingly meaningless, does not surprise those who know his willingness to elicit strange culinary metaphors: if Pierluigi Bersani, of peasant origin, speaks of cows in the lane and of an unknown well-digger, … Read more

Caraz #1, and here’s how he can stay there until the end of the season

The 19-year-old Spaniard threatened by Nadal, Ruud and Tsitsipas: Here are the trophies and points to snatch to assert himself as king. Zverev will not be in the race: The German has not recovered from injury in Paris and will return in 2023 With nineteen-year-old Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz as the new king of world tennis, … Read more