That’s why I listen to others.”

The absolute protagonist of his country College (Pepperdine, where it boasts many records), the absolute protagonist in Czech Championshipwon the Nymburk jersey, and is now called up for an A . examination The Italian League – who started meeting him in the first friendly matches and considers himVery competitive with a degree of fitness Important”. Colby Ross He’s one of the guys whose hopes are to see Openjobmetis competitive in a tournament that’s about to take off.

America Deal Coloradonot yet 24 years old, reduced volume (1.85) But the engine is equipped with burning accelerationthe new red and white toy maker appeared in a courtyard Isber Clinic in Varese, for nine years with the company to support the medical sector. Ross’ access to Openjobmetis happened – he says – Celestial Alignment: Followed for several months by GM Michael Arceri, Colbey ended up squabbling over Summer League in Las Vegas with Portland shirtthe lump sum to which he was engaged Brass coach. A “closeness” and coincidence made it possible to reach his engagement once the NBA sirens disappeared.

More: Ross had a chance to play some summer workouts new partner in crimeI Pivotal Tariq Owens With whom he will form the backbone of a team that we hope will have a winning structure in the experience of Brown and Johnson, in the interaction of Reyes and the contribution of the Italians. “It’s fun to play with Tariq: the relationship between play and height is important and I’m convinced we can do good for the team.”

«I’ve been following Colby since I arrived At Varese, I saw him on the pitch in the summer league and he has many of the qualities we were looking for as a starting goalkeeper – shooters guarantee – He knows how to attack but first he is always ready to look for his teammates. And when I mentioned his name to Brass, confirm my thoughts He immediately agreed to be contacted at Openjobmetis.”

Colby Ross

From left Michael Archery, Matt Brass, owner of Esper and Colby Ross

On his part, Ross who was the champion I refer to a star like Damien Lillard (Portland, keep an eye out…), insists on the United Nations This concept is not popular When an American introduces himself as the protagonist in Italy. “I Wanna First of all, listen to othersLearn from your more experienced and humble colleagues who know the league like the Italians.” But, former Pepperdine guarantees, it is not a way to evade responsibility, on the contrary: «I want to be group leaderDo the right things when it comes to winning games. Last year’s experience in the Czech Republic allowed me to also improve in terms of making my voice heard on the pitch, and mentoring my teammates.”

The effect with Varese was good: Ross Lives in the center of Gavirate, loves to get to the lake and has “touched” the warmth of the fans who follow the team. “I love the city and the region, and I know I came to it A place where people are very involved in basketball. We talked about it with the managers and technicians right away and I thank Mike, the coach and Lewis for giving me the opportunity to come here to play.”

It’s not a mystery, like everyone else, Ross has too Hopes for a call from the NBA. “In the summer league I think I played well – he explains – for sure The goal of playing in the league remainsMaybe one day I’ll catch up with him. But this year the possibility of coming here and I was born Take advantage of the opportunity that comes to me Because I think this might be the best position for me right now. Here I can still improve.”

Wednesday test with Urania

Meanwhile, Varese fans have the opportunity to see the team engaged Openjobmetis back home. Wednesday 21, 8:30 p.m.Brase will play a friendly match with urania Milan Who plays in the first division A2? In all likelihood, Brase will do Also for the first time, Tariq Owens, So far at zero minutes I played due to a muscle injury. Then, over the weekend, the Parma championship again against higher-level opponents (semi-finals with Brescia on Saturday). He will therefore only have one week left before his Serie A debut on Sunday 2 October, at home against Sassari.

Music and party in Piazza Montegrappa: Monday 26 Openjobmetis Varese will be presented