The death of Queen Elizabeth II as seen by the Glasgow teams

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From the day of death Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom The online profiles of British football clubs, at least the main ones, are listed in mourning. Their logos are placed on a black background and until the day of the funeral, less content will be posted on sites and social networks than usual. Everyone does this except for the Glasgow Celtic, one of the two most important Scottish teams, the team representing Scotland’s Catholic separatists and supporters of Ireland.

Celtic continue to maintain their white and green colors – inspired by the Irish, like the team’s founders – and carry on naturally in all of their activities. The only content on the Queen’s death is a two-line statement posted on the site a week ago: “Celtic Football Club expresses its deepest condolences to the family of the late Queen Elizabeth II following the announcement of her death.”

Glasgow’s other great Scottish team, the Rangers, representing the Scottish Protestant side, loyal and therefore loyal to the British monarchy, have been in mourning since the day of their death, have suspended many of their activities and this week has been postponed by a day – from Tuesday to Wednesday – their League match. European champions against Napoli to allow the police to better manage events and procedures in conjunction with the mourning period.

Celtic Rangers released due to Queen’s death

The Queen, in fact, died at her residence in Balmoral, northern Scotland, and the body arrived in London on Tuesday evening after being transported to Edinburgh. With a long funeral procession The route through the major cities of Scotland.

Unlike Celtic, the Rangers posted a four-paragraph statement on their website a week ago that said, among other things, the following: “His Majesty has served the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth for more than 70 years with incredible loyalty and dignity. You will miss him so badly not only our nation, but by nations around the world.It is with great pride that his portrait has been hung in our dressing room in Ibrox as a token of appreciation for his tremendous service.

Un Tivoso D Rangers (Mark Runnacles / Getty Images)

The two teams have not played in Glasgow since then, with the tournament in Scotland also suspended due to mourning. However, both are eligible for the Champions League groups – as they have not happened since 2007 – and in their matches on Wednesday night they will have to abide by UEFA’s protocol that stipulates a minute of silence and mourning in the arm of British teams. . Rangers will play in Glasgow in a stadium without Napoli fans for reasons of public order, while Celtic will play at the neutral stadium in Warsaw against Ukrainians Shakhtar Donetsk.

It is not well known how Celtic fans will act at the minute of silence, especially the more organized part, which often displays pictures of rebellious rebels to represent their anti-British roots, or flags supporting the Palestinian cause. On the other hand, Rangers will not only abide by protocol, but have also applied to UEFA to be able to play the British anthem after the Champions League. The request could have been refused, but the local press claims that the club will ignore the ban at the expense of receiving penalties.

Given the stark historical and cultural differences, it is comforting to some in Scotland that the two teams met in the first old company Season – the name we refer to as the Glasgow Derby, one of the most tense and just awesome International Football – Just five days before the Queen’s death.

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