The facts revealed by Allegri to my concert have unleashed a storm on the web

Two real Tuscans talk to each other like old friends also to resolve misunderstandings in the past. Mario Sconcerti in Corriere della Sera reveals the content of his meeting with Allegri, says he did not even take notes but confirms all the points touched by the Juventus coach who at most Difficult Of which black and white adventure He tells his truth.

For Allegri, mistakes are too many

Allegri admits that in the last few matches, he has conceded six goals with the defense spreading (“in Paris Mbappe had two achievements, but we left him the space to do them”) and returns to Wednesday’s knockout saying: “With Benfica we played the match. The best twenty-five minutes of The season, insistently. We could have finished 2-0 and the match was over. Then there was a mis-pointing for the penalty, but not by Meriti, who’s still 19 and you can’t ask him about everything. That was an area Paredes, it was his turn. Paredes practically did not play for six months, this is important. We have to wait for it and fortunately there is. There are errors in many parts of the field. We lose passes, we make a lot of technical mistakes, we don’t fight, we lose physical control of our opponents.”

Allegri reveals that Juventus thought differently

Then he continues: “I am very sorry for this situation, and I often wonder if I have made any mistakes. The first answer that comes to my mind is that Juventus thought otherwise. With Rabio-Paredes-Pogba in the midfield plus Locatelli to be the first to be He takes charge. Di Maria and Chiesa are on the wings, Vlahovic in the middle. Juventus is now virtual. We will be able to count on Chiesa e PogbaThen we’ll see what we can ask of him at once. They are not bikes. How long will it take to return to their height? Try to take five beginner players from Inter or Milan, then let’s see if they struggle.

Allegri explains: “I like the quality of the players, I searched for them and wanted them. I don’t have specific patterns, I adapt the game to their qualities. Today the players do not think, they obey. They do not interpret. This is the easiest solution. Whereas football is the sum of individual fantasies. Contrition? The real is 2-0, which was canceled in Locatelli against Roma. I don’t think about Salernitana, those two extra points were enough for me. We deserve them. We had a different arrangement, very close to the others even with all the problems”

Juventus fans do not accept Allegri’s excuses

Feedback faltered: “The last point is a code that, if no one invents the world, it stops spinning, and never finds patterns or movements that make up for the lack of ‘imagination.’ It must be good to be coached as he understands it,” or “other than that.” The fact that in order to convince with Spezia that you do not need Pogba, Maria and Jesus Christ. Plus the fact that if you don’t run and they’re all broken, it’s only a fault of his crew. Kulusevsky and Dybala Send them away. Fagioli and Sully never play. outdated”

There are those who notice: “Give her Dybala? What do the guys head “then:” – half of the team is missing: it is your responsibility. – Character level: Pathetic excuse. – Lack of lateral thrust: you get him in the back position and he is not allowed to play because he is not defending. Max would be a perfect politician. Attachment to the chair has always been the fault of the previous government.

Web unleashed: “Never self-critical” and again: “9,000,000 apologies” and then: “Max is right. De Bruyne, Davies, Alexander-Arnold, Neymar and Mbappe. Then perhaps the Champions Zone was possible” and finally: “Above all, the coach is missing.”