The load level underlying the instability of the Mercedes – F1 – Formula 1 team

for a while now mercedes She gave up dreams of glory for the 2023 season, after eight championships in which she was the undisputed queen on the Formula 1 scene. The main goal is to achieve victory in the race and gradually reduce the gap that separates him from Red Bull and Ferrari. During construction, the potential to compete for a place of honor amongst the builders in the Prancing Horse arose, given that the Silver Darts in the -30 are their competitors, who are faster but also less solid in terms of reliability and bid strategies. At the press conference dedicated to the leading team figures this morning in Monza, there was Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes chief engineer at the racetrack, who spoke to the media, including reporters from Here are his most important sayings.

Andrew Shovlin (Head of Mercedes Enginering Engineers): Lewis power unit was badly damaged after Spto me. We checked it in HPP (Mercedes Power Unit Sector, editor) It would be too risky to try to get it back. For this reason, we chose to replace its power unit on a track where it is easy to overtake. It was hard in Spa, when there are big jumps in performance from circuit to circuit, you can analyze the angles and distances you lose the most. You can collect data and lead development. We believe our inconsistency comes from changing the load level from one runway to another. 2023 single seat? We learned a lot this year, but we’re keeping it to ourselves. In the presentation we were confident in our concept, but then simply We didn’t find enough performance in terms of payload during the car’s development. We are confident that the next car will be competitive based on the experience gained this year. In Zandvoort we have been discussing situations where we could have taken risks since Saturday. If we had called both drivers with the Safety Car to install the Softs, we would have cemented our second and third places with no chance of winning.
Audi and Porsche? They know what kind of commitment the 2026 power units will make. This year’s most powerful power unit is Ferrari, even if it’s not the most reliable. It will not be easy to face them for those who pray.
Monza? A remodeled area will provide additional grip, while areas with older asphalt will have irregularities. However, it is normal for a track to have a different asphalt life. Full appearance is very expensive.
What’s new in the 2023 regulations? This will change the development of cars a bit. The best concept at the moment is that of Red Bull, but it’s not certain it will be the same next year. We’re still thinking about which direction to go.”

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