The Meazza is completely destroyed, and nothing will be left: Inter and Milan report on the new San Siro, “Works completed in 2030”

won’t stay nothingnot even that Tori 11 which was to be the eternal symbol of football ladderFor a century on the stage of football matches in Milan. instead of the stadium Giuseppe Meazza Sarah completely destroyThey wrote it in black and white Inter e Milan in Technical Report Offers to start the public debate, the next step in the process that will lead to the birth of new plant a San Siro. Both clubs have absorbed the reduction in cubism Available to be filled with Cement The area around the stadium and one of the consequences is a maintenance farewell part From the “old” Meazza. Report confirms investment 1.2 billion euros The business is expected to start in January 2024. Meazza in 2026 will host the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, then it will be canceled: the birth of the new facility is scheduled July 2030.

The technical report was presented by the two clubs in Rome to start the public debate and the Milan version of Corriere della Sera Some excerpts are reported. to me Page 98where we talk about demolitions, we read in reference to the current stage “for which complete demolition and no longer keeps a part.” Contrary to the previous suggestion, no traces from the current ‘G’. Meazza ‘will be a theme storage e Reactivation“, we are still reading in the revised dossier after the volume reductions envisaged in the Regional Governance Plan (Pgt) for the construction of the new plant. According to the report, neither will be saved. Tori 11.

It is clear from the file that the investment of Inter and Milan, which will be 1.2 billion euros, will not change. The difference estimates revenue growth by 120.4 million eurosof which 80 are from the stadiums sector and 40 from the sector polyvalent. In order to complete all the expected work 80 working months. The report specifically offers to update businesses outside the stadium – the ones that really attract the two clubs – to the volume index specified in 0.35. Compared to the approximately 150,000 square meters of concrete that the original project envisioned, there are still some 98.321. A reduction that Milan and Inter did not understand, confirming how it happened other regions From the city – from Porta Nuova to CityLife, and from Farini Airport to Porta Romana – the networks were wider than those envisaged by the territorial governance plan.

In practice, compared to the three towers envisioned in the first master plan, a double tower building will remain: it will house offices and the headquarters of the two clubs. then Convention Center and huge Shopping Center And the 68mil Square meters. and the Verdi? Instead of the old Meazza: the report talks about a sports area, where the green area has really shrunk to just over 50 thousand square meters (the one in which there is Verdi deep).

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