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After two years marked by the epidemic, the Monza racetrack was able to completely reopen to the general public. The earnings of the Formula 1 weekend were horrendous.

Sold-out outside the Brianza circuit gave the feeling, with the classic red tide hoodie under the podium. For the third year in a row, fans couldn’t celebrate a Ferrari driver’s victory, but there was no shortage of ideas, as well as controversy. The Grand Prix ended under Safety Car because race management was, to say the least, painful and not without faults. Although Massey watches the doctors, now, from his house, The new rulers were not shown to be on equal terms in case of unexpected events.

Monza F1 (Ansa Pictures)

They say, “When the sea calms down, every fool is a sailor.” The ability of a professional is assessed in exceptional circumstances. When an unexpected event occurs in F1, management errors flow into it. After Abu Dhabi, imagine a new track, more attentive to the needs of Formula One and the needs of the fans as well. For those who spent hundreds of euros for the Brianza event, it was a bitter disappointment to see a final stuck behind SC due to other evaluation errors. First, the SC came out late and at the wrong time, ahead of the wrong car. Instead of taking the lead, before GP captain Max Verstappen, the safety car exited the pit lane in front of George Russell.

The Mercedes driver finished third when McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo stopped at the track. At that point, all cars were supposed to double, but the technical times to remove the English wing car have expanded significantly. Although there were several laps to go to the checkered flag, the last few laps were a slow torment, waiting for the green light that never came. Moreover, the lever in the wrong direction is a painful picture, harking back to the tragedies of the past. Naturally, Red fans, after the drivers’ last stop, dreamed of the coup. The1st place wasn’t enough for Charles, but anything could have happened in the final race.

F1, Monza record numbers

The Italian Grand Prix has always played an important role in the F1 calendar. It was usually a turning point in the season, before the last trips outside Europe. This year the audience came in great numbers and enthusiasm after two terrifying years. The reference is not only to the epidemic but also to the results obtained by the Scuderia team. It took Leclerc two and a half years to get back to the top notch of the podium. From Monza 2019 to Bahrain, the first GP of 2022. The new track, with ground-impact cars, has opened in a great way for LeclercHowever, the development of events quickly expelled Ferrari from the world race. Montezemolo paves the way for Ferrari: that’s what Binotto should do.

Red Bull Racing was very strong, but Ferrari still lost a technical advantage and great points. Anyway, cheering played its part in Monza. According to an estimate reported by Sole 24 Ore, the Brianza weekend brought a record share of around €250 million to the coffers, thanks to the 350,000 spectators present. This year, Class 1 motorsport has set records. After the resounding success of Zandvoort with the public, Monza hosted 350,000 people in free practice, qualifying and racing. Previous revenue records were also demolished due to price hikes. In 2019, the last victory of the Red team with Leclerc, the collection was 225 million euros. Leclerc applauds Ferrari: There was a reaction, but the disappointment lingers.

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Tourism in the three days also reached its peak in the capital of Milan. In Milan, 30,000 rooms have been reserved in more than 400 buildings, with a total income of 10 million euros. Considering tickets and expenses, the estimated average amount per spectator is around 500 euros. The fans deserved more of the ending. The new contract with LM until 2025 could guarantee an amount in excess of 1 billion in total, given the fee of 20 million per bid. To keep pace with the times, the racetrack will have to carry out works to cover the stands, underpasses and the environmental sustainability of the racecourse, for an investment of between 100 and 150 million euros. Moreover, on Sunday afternoon, Formula 1 alone recorded 3.4 million on TV8 Of the fans connected to the screen i.e. 28% of the TV share. Sky spectators who watched the race on Rupert Murdoch’s podium must be added.