The story of Camilla Demetriou Bleach

When I was 13 I picked up my first basketball, I was playing at Pallacanestro Alghero. It was love at first sight. In a few months, she has already managed to achieve many satisfactions: from an invitation to the National Reserve for U-14 to the Cup of Regions to represent Sardinia. I certainly didn’t play as a rookie, but I was happy with it, I’ve been playing for a very short time compared to the other girls. I arrived at San Salvator Cellargios and played in the national finals and tasted the first division for the first time, it was a dream, I have only been playing for 4 years and I have already had the honor of training with the second best class in Italy. With each passing year, it has grown more and more, from shooting to delivering the ball.
I had a dream, I never thought that someone or something would stop me so easily, but instead…

I still remember that moment very well: It was a morning in July 2019. I started dieting because for several months I had indicated that I was gaining weight and slow on the field… I started not eating and training for 4-5 hours a day, the worst thing is this : I thought everything was normal. During the winter I managed to control myself, but it exploded with the first shutdown. That summer, I was vomiting every crumb I ate, I didn’t have my period anymore and I had little energy to move.

2020/2021 season, serious second season with A2, in September I thought I recovered, instead in November I was under weight, my pants and shirt were huge, I couldn’t run, train, every day I went to the gym with the fear that I might pass out it at any time. DCA-related panic attacks increased (connected in 70% of cases), and I couldn’t train one day without running into the locker room crying and feeling guilty about a mediocre plate of plain vegetables. The love for basketball was still there, but the mind prevailed, in fact the only moments I ate before training, to be able to do the bare minimum, the results are obviously few. There were many crises away, sitting at the table with coaches and teammates doing silly tricks, like hiding food in a napkin and chewing and then going to the bathroom.

The 201/22 season, I still don’t think, is a ridiculous season for me, with drugs and psychiatric crises I’ve tried to hide from everyone because I wanted to give air that healed, even to myself, just to get into a field. Feelings prevailed and my mind too, still food and my body were my biggest concern, I couldn’t think of anything else, and had to interrupt the season several times, even for a suicide attempt due to a drug overdose. February 24, 2022 (I remember the date as if it was yesterday), because there was no more life, I lost weight, I could no longer fulfill myself in basketball, my school average dropped dramatically and I lost more and more friends, it was something I sent into a crisis so much that He wanted to end it.

When I saw my mother’s face smashed that day in the hospital and my dad crying for the first time in my life while I was doing the gastric lavage, I knew I had to act like never before. After the February episode I thought for weeks, basketball was getting worse, and I had no longer any motivation or desire to set foot in the gym. After the season for myself was over, I graduated, which I would never have thought because of my illness which disturbed my studies – and this also because of my teachers who understood the situation, helped me and it happens. I have found that I have great values ​​and strength within me.

In August, I came home (in Croatia) got the ball back, and finally played with the mentality I needed. I thought rediscovering my first true love was a powerful emotion: this season I would honor her like nothing in the world. I was playing with my friends from the city who I could keep up with, despite the Croat’s body, height and combined abilities, I felt so alive. I was going to play every day on the field, even if I was alone, I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to get back to training in earnest.

Now it’s September, the love is starting again, I finally have the enthusiasm and desire to improve myself more every day, I always aim for high goals, especially in basketball but also in studies. This year is the year of the new birth, and I can call it the year “0”. I hope to be able to surprise myself first and make me proud a little while ago and show her how powerful, in fact, she was hiding inside.

I owe this recovery to a lot of people, but my mom will always be first. How many nights he slept with me to check if I was still breathing (eating a few of my organs work poorly), helped me study and many other things, thanks mom. I also thank myself, because I owe it, because I deserve like everyone else to live a more peaceful life with passions and ambitions. Finally I can eat pizza with my friends without getting into a crunch, but above all, I can make a basket.

(by Camilla Demetriou Plessic – Techfind San Salvatore Selargius – via