“This team is nothing like us but quality”


The commentary for the Ubaldo video featured here on the Intesa Sanpaolo website continues in the “Subnetwork” section edited in collaboration with Ubitennis, which you can find at the following link.


19.32 – MATCH BERRETTINI, MEETING Italy – A shout of joy for Matteo Berrettini, who with a straight point with serve wins over Coric: 6-7, 6-2, 6-1. Italy defeats Croatia!

19.28 Perrettini Break – Double break for Perrettini who climbs 5-1. Victory point is very close to the Azzurri.

19.23 – Brittini keeps serving: climbs 4-1 in the third set.

19.19 – Match branches – Albert Ramos gives Spain the first point against Serbia with a great return over Laslo Djere in Malaga: 2-6 7-6 7-5. Soon Bautista Kikmanovic

19.18 – BREAK BERRETTINI – With a high shot in the backhand, Berrettini takes a breather! 3-1 to him in the third set.

19.13 – Well Mathieu: Keep serving, he goes 2-1 in the third set.

19.09 – Couric also carries the serve 1-1. We are close to two hours of playing.

19.01 – Matteo Berrettini saves the break ball and leads 1-0 to keep serve at the start of the third set.

18.49 – Berrettini Collection – Matteo Berrettini equalized the score by snatching his opponent’s serve again: 6-2 in his favour, we go to the third set!

18.44 – Mateo saves a dangerous ball and climbs 5-2

18.39 Couric climbs 4-2 without difficulty, now it’s up to Matthew to stretch again

18.36 – Brittini is doing well on the pitch now: 4-1

18.32 – Coric climbs 1-3 takes the serve with difficulty

18.23 – Matthew is solid holding serve and extending, 3-0 in the second set.

18.20 – Perrettini’s fracture – Mathieu leads with a break in the second set: 2-0 in his favour

18.17 – At the same time, France managed to achieve the score: 1-1 against Germany because Mannarino beat Otte in two sets (6-4, 6-3)

18.15 – Mathieu keeps serve in Group B opening: 1-0

18.08 – tuning Couric Borna Coric won the first set tiebreaker 7-4 and continues the match against Brittany.

18.04 – the tie breaker is not going well; Couric leads 5-1

18.00 – Berrettini holds the serve: 6-6, goes into the tiebreak

17.57 – Coric also maintains serve and goes 6-5, we are in the crucial bars in the first set.

17.52 – Couric has a definite point on Mathieu’s line, but our line pulls its claws and grabs the line: 5-5

17.45 Djeere 6-2 4-4 against Ramos. Mannarino won 6-4 in the first match against Ooty (Germany led 1–0); They started and the Glasgow Bowl and Evans won 3-2 in the first game of Great Britain-USA.

17.44 – Both players are keeping serve, we are 5-4 Coric in the first set, and now Berrettini will be wanted

17.39 – Berrettini’s break – Matteo counterbreaking: 4-3, to serve after a change of pitch

17.32 – Berrettini keeps his serve and climbs 4-2, but now he has to try to take a break.

17.29 – Coric doesn’t give up anything for service and goes up 4-1

17.26 – Matthew keeps serving, 3-1.

17.22 – Coric confirms the second half, and rises 3-0.

17.16 – Couric’s break – Berrettini not starting well: Couric breaks second half, leads 2-0

17.08 – Preparations are underway at the Unipol Arena between Berrettini, who entered the field accompanied by a real roar from the audience, and Coric.

17.00 – Soon in Piazza Berrettini and Coric. Updates from other areas. In Malaga, Djiri is 6-2 ahead of Ramos in the first match between Serbia and Spain. Otti and Manarino just started in Hamburg (1-0 Germany over France).

16.43 – Musseti match – Lorenzo Mussetti gives Italy the first point against Croatia! 6-4, 6-2 score in his favour, against Borna Gogo. Lorenzo asserts his worth, always keeping the match ball in his hand in order to please the Unipol Arena.

16.41 – Gojo keeps serving, Musetti will serve in the match, 5-2 in his favour.

16.38 Mussetti easily maintains his serve 5-1 in his favour.

16.37 Mussetti sends forward 4-1

16.31 Germany leads 1-0 over France. Struve actually beat Ponzi in three sets: 6-4, 2-6, 7-5. This will be followed by the meeting between Mannarino and Otti.

16.29 – BREAK MUSETTI – At the end of a long game, at the sixth chance, Musetti wins the double break advantage and goes up 3-0, thus mortgaging Italy’s first point.

16.15 Meanwhile, the first match between Germany and France continues for a long time. Bonzi actually won the second set against Struff and they are in the final stages of the third still in balance

16.14 Mussetti consolidates his supremacy as he rises 2-0

16.09 – BREAK MUSETTI – Instant break at Italy opener: Musetti-Gojo 1-0

16.03 – MUSETTI GROUP – Lorenzo Mossetti won the first set: 6-4 over Gojo.

16.00 – Musseti has four points on Gojo’s serve, but the Croatian eliminated it and climbed 5-4. We will have the opportunity to close the first group by submitting after changing the domain.

15.52 Musseti maintains power and rises 5-3

15.48 – Gojo keeps serving, 4-3 Musette.

15.44 – Well, Mussetti, he keeps his serve at zero and extends to 4-2

15.41 – BREAK MUSETTI – Lorenzo continued to lead 3-2, winning in the second half after Gojo didn’t use two balls.

15.34 Mussetti holds serve 2-2 with confidence.

15.30 Lorenzo got a break point but Gojo saved himself and lead 2-1.

15.25 – Maintains serve at 30 Musseti: 1-1

15.21 – The match started with Gojo holding the serve.

15.12 – Great ambiance at Unipol Arena when Mameli anthem is being played. Now it’s time for Lorenzo Musseti vs. Borna Jojo.

15.05 – The champions of this challenge enter the field: for Italy Simone Bolelli, Fabio Fognini, Lorenzo Mosetti, Matteo Berrettini and Jannick Sener, with Captain Filippo Volandri; For Croatia Borna Gogo, Borna Coric, Nino Serdarosic, Nikola Mektic and Matt Pavic with Captain Vedran Martic. Playing national anthems.

15.00 Struve won the first set over Ponzi (6-4) in Hamburg. Everything is ready at the Unipol Arena for the teams to enter the field.

14.45 – They started at the age of 14 France and Germany. In the first singles, Struff was one break ahead of Bonzi in the first set (5-3).

14.34 The other meetings in the four groups being organized today are:
France – Germany (Hamburg)group c
Benjamin Ponzi vs. Jean-Lennard Struff
Oscar Otti vs Adrian Mannarino
Richard Gasquet/Nicola Mahut vs. Tim Putz/Kevin Krawetz
Spain – Serbia (Malaga)group d
Filip Krajinovic x Albert Ramos Vinolas
Roberto Bautista Agut x Miomir Kikmanovic
Pedro Martinez / Marcel Granollers – Nikola Kasic / Dusan Lajovic
United States – Great Britain (Glasgow), group B
Tommy Paul vs Daniel Evans
Taylor Fritz vs. Cameron Norrie
Jack Sock / Rajiv Ram vs. Joe Salisbury / Neil Skopsky

14.33 You can follow the match between Croatia and Italy Rai 2 of 19.35 on RaiSport, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Tennis, RaiPlay, SkyGo, Now and Supertennix.

14.31 – Davis’ recent crossing between Croatia and Italy fresh in memory: Last November in Turin, the Balkans were the architects of the Azzurri’s elimination in the quarter-finals. Borna Gogo beat Lorenzo Sunego, Yannick Sener’s success against Marin Cilic was useless because Maktik and Pavic won the decisive point in the double.

14.30 – Dear Ubitennis friends, Welcome to the live broadcast of Day Two of the Davis Cup Finals by Rakuten. The group stage also kicks off for Italy, which in the first match of Group A challenges Croatia at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna). The first to enter the field, starting at the age of 15, will be Borna cheerful And Lorenzo Musite. Here’s Matthew’s moment Beretini against Born korek. Then the multiplier, who unless changed, will face the extremely powerful duo he formed mactic e Bavitch against us Bolili e phonini.

Edit Manager Sweden’s surprise, disappointing Argentina. Berrettini a question mark for Folandri