Torino-Sassuolo 0-1: Alvarez scores in the 93rd minute

In the 93rd minute, the Uruguayan striker just entered, giving the victory to the Emilians who were decimated by the absences with a superb header.

By our correspondent Mario Bagliara

again until the last breath. After the San Siro, Torino suffered its second defeat, this time in the 93rd minute. The executioner is Alvarez, served by a cross from Rogerio, who predicted Bongiorno and insulted innocent Milinkovic-Savic. Up until that point, Toro, despite suffering more than other games, managed to keep up with it all in general. Dionysi’s Sassuolo played better and created more, especially in the first half when a stunning tackle by Milinkovic prevented Fratesi from screaming for a goal that seemed to have already been done. The bull ran, fought, suffered but never succeeded in being dangerous.

San Milinkovic

In one fell swoop, Juric changes two unifying doctrines: he abandons both the attacking midfielder and the striker. Toru lines up at the front with the attackers, Radungic aligned with Sek, behind Vlasic. Sanabria and Pellegri off the bench. In the morning, Juric Rodriguez lost (fever) and Voivoda (muscle problems). Dionysi’s injury list is much longer, and the Sassuolo coach did not have much room to maneuver in the eleven. He decides to throw only eighteen-year-old D’Andrea into his trident (he’s come of age since September 6), the protagonist who has done very well in his absolute first appearance in Serie A. In the first quarter of the hour, Toro also starts strong, with Radonjic electric and Seck peppy. They often lack tangibility and help on the two scales. In the middle of the race, Sassuolo ranked the most dangerous, with at least three good chances. At 28′ the Schuurs need a lifesaving intervention on Pinamonti (D’Andrea’s pass) to avoid the worst, four minutes later D’Andrea tries to turn around but Milinkovic is careful. At 37 minutes, a flash along the Singo-Vlasic line allows Lazaro to sign the advantage, but all this is unhelpful for Vlasic’s offside position (referred to by Var). In the first half of the final, Sassuolo’s good second chance was at the foot of baby Dandrea, and Bongiorno was Providence on the rescue. A minute later, in the corner created by Laurienté, a lightning bolt from Frattesi who has found the right time and place to hit the net. It looks practical as a goal, the Olympique held their breath for a split second, but (San) Milinkovic with a great flick, like a cat, saves the result in an amazing fashion and almost gets injured too. And in the end Ayhan Aswar Vlasic.

violent attack

At the top of match time, with score and match hampered, Juric made a triple change: outside Radonjic, Seck and Lazaro, in Pellegri, Sanabria and Aina. Thus, the Croatian Toro launched a violent attack. However, the game does not find the motivation to grow in rhythm, and neither team can find the key or the play to break the balance. The second half passes, in general, full of competitive spirit but always with the right interventions, although there are no certain jerks, except when Gedi rigorously implements a result that is not impossible. In the end, the dealer jumps when Rogerio guesses the correct assist for the newly entered Alvarez. In the 93′ three-point header.