Torino-Sassuolo 0-1, Juric: “Bad game, my heart is broken”

Juric’s comments in the match after Turin-Sassuolo, a match valid for the seventh day of the Italian League 2022-23

Giacomo Stanici

In a post-match Turin-Sassuolo match, Juric left the following phrases for Sky’s microphones. The coach revealed the bitterness of defeat and the upheaval of the match. His Taurus has suffered and has not been able to continue with the performances that have been made so far.

How disappointed are you with your team tonight? Does it show a little effort?

“Today was a bad match, in my opinion there were all conditions for a good performance. We played with rhythm and bad. The result could have been different, but it doesn’t matter. I didn’t like it too much, today badly. We didn’t follow well, very slow.”

Tonight compared to other times when the performance was there, today too was missing

We missed a lot of amazing moves tonight and that’s worrying. We didn’t even take advantage of the opportunities we had. It was an easy match that we didn’t take advantage of: there had to be another beat. We had to attack from behind and caused a lot of harm.”

View of the defender’s movement on Alvarez.

“There are two mistakes: you have to double down and not let him pass and then you can’t be predicted like that. These are details but for those you lose matches. The dangerous thing is performance. It was a not very difficult game. In Lecce, you just had to hurry up and check a few things. Technically we were poor.”

Vlasic was faint today. He is 24 years old. Here he is the protagonist but in England it was only the beginning of six times. How can this be explained?

“They’re another world, we’re years behind, especially on a physical level, in terms of tempo, contrast and pace. He struggled with this and here he can do well because there’s a lower level. In my opinion, a lot of them understood what we should take from the smaller leagues, but We can be heroes.”

What is a suitable football player for today’s football?

“I think that the player today should be very complete, not duels, but I am referring to the dynamic. Outside everyone takes a risk: with slow players there is a risk. There are teams that take these players to play modern and dynamic football. The feeling is that in Italy we suffer from fitness. physical changes in rhythm

Why Seck Striker Today?

“He wasn’t a central striker, I wanted to create space for Vlasic as in scoring. It was a normal goal for an inch. I thought it might be a good tactic to put Vlasic in the middle of the midfielders. By making Ferrari move and creating space for Vlasic. All the prerequisites were to do a job. Good, but we didn’t.”

Did you congratulate Palladino?

“Yes, you heard it. We are all students at Gasperini, this guy changed us and we think he’s the best”

What did you not like about Turin today?

“I didn’t like it. Technically, we played poorly. There were conditions to do a good job of the way we prepared, but there was a lot of slowdowns. Today is definitely bad regardless of the outcome.”

What does not convince you to attack without a striker?

“The game you were going to play was the one for Vlasic’s disallowed goal. We had to move the ball quickly by leaving the full-back and creating space between the midfielders. There were many opportunities to be able to do better, even in the first hour of play. Many choices are made. Well, I didn’t like it. I wanted to flip it over to give a shock and it seemed to me that we did well for a while. Then it went badly, and for sure the performance was negative.”

Torino is the same as last year, but they still have tangible limits ahead. Is there a missing center striker or is it a group discussion?

“We are the least physically team in the first division because we lost a lot of physical players we serve. We missed a lot of passes. We need to do better in building the game. Rodri and Vojvoda were missing and maybe they serve you in that capacity. My concern is that if not Boys one hundred percent, it’s hard. These are situations we’ve prepared.”

Are the situations similar to that night and one in the final with Inter?

“I don’t know, today it wasn’t really appropriate to concede a goal. We made a series of mistakes in a side foul. With Inter we suffered the last fifteen minutes, tonight was different but it was repeated. I don’t have solutions because I didn’t. It seems like I see the team fall”