Tournament with La Molisana, Sassari, Matelica and Roseto

The only two matches in the entire pre-season are in front of a friendly crowd from the Arena, who will then watch the rossobl from La Molisana again only on October 16 for the match against Ragusa valid for the fourth day of the tournament.

La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso dives into the fifth edition of the “Campobasso per lo sport”, the Kremes organized by Ennebici scheduled to take place between Saturday and Sunday in a friendly factory scenario, where, in concert, the organizing team and the #fiorid team Acciaio select free entry to make all Athletes (Molesi and not) are a little closer to seeing basketball sentiment in pink.

Rules of Engagement On Saturday there will be room for the semi-finals. The match starts at 6 pm with a match between Dinamo Sassari and Panthers Rossetto. However, at 20.30, La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso and Thunder Matelica will compete for the parquet.

For the two quintuples who came out with a yellow report, on Sunday, at 15.30 the final minute with the 18th, instead, the final.

A strong significant moment of testing in Battipaglia and two challenges at the ‘Passalacqua’ memorial in Ragusa, the Rossoblù team has continued to work hard and is ready to showcase itself at an event that could be a crossroads in the potential journey of #fiorid Aquiaio.

“We are happy to face such a test at this point in the pre-season. We are particularly happy – as Magnolias coach Mimmo Sabatelli says tonight – above all to be able to present this group to our fans.”

“We want to take a step forward – he continues – on our path. We had a very busy week, which added to the artwork workload. The girls work hard with great dedication and big profit, they never back down and that is a really satisfying aspect.”

From a technical-tactical point of view, in the center of attention “there will be the most effective positions and the under-performing aspects of my day in Sicily. At the same time we will try to raise the bar from a defensive point of view, take advantage of what we saw strongly in the second match of PalaMinardi, and on the other hand, make our attack more flexible.”

The other squad A1 along with #fiorid Acciaio, the other squad of A1 at the start of the event will be Banco di Sardegna Dinamo Sassari. The quintet assigned to coach Antonello Restivo will be in Campobasso already last night with a group of ten athletes, who will only miss the American hub Holmes Joyner. For the rest – along with young striker (and ex-Rosopollo) Giulia Ciafarella – space for all the other news of the latest islanders market: from the lookout from Venice Deborah Karangelo to Polish winger Anna Makorat, through the Swedish long stage Ellen Gustafsson and American bowler Samantha Thomas Former Brunei manager Federica Mazza and former Moncalieri Sarah Tovolo. With them, long-distance captain Cinzia Arioli and local arboretum prospects Lucrezia Cerri and Caterina Fara.

ARREMBANTI PANTERE In the semi-finals, in front of them, the islanders will find one of the new entries for the southern group of A2: the Aran Cucine Panthers Roseto entrusted to coach Massimo Romano, one of Lino Lardo’s assistant coaches with the pink Italbasket. The Abruzzese with two axles of the Dell’Olio and Manfrè caliber could count on a set of exterior designs of prime importance with Lombardo, Mikovic, Mitriva, Azola and Kelly, among others. In the coaching staff there is also a name well known to Molise fans such as ex-Mens point guard Sana Campobasso and Virtus Termoli Giovanni Montori.

MARCHIGIANA DIMENSION To complete the picture – and the first competitor in the La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso competition – the Halley Thunder Matelica formation. The Marche, entrusted to the Sicilian coach Orazio Cotono, has in the long Dutch Stijnk a foreigner, in a group with a very physical centerpiece of Francolini caliber, but also outside experience and has as many points in the hands as Cabrini and the keeper of all phosphorous as Gonzalez.

The arrival of the United States for the appointment with the four-corner, there will also be, in the ring, the latest deal to buy Rossoblo, the American pivotal winger Chelsea Maria Berry, who will descend in Fiumicino on Saturday morning and will monitor the two matches. of his new comrades.

“He will not have a record on the parquet – summarizes coach Sabatelli – but he will have the opportunity to observe the group and see the dictates of our basketball philosophy. For her, which will among other things be one of the mainstays of our team, there will necessarily be less accommodation given the tight time frame Compared to the official start of the season, but we will make sure that its inclusion is as quickly as possible, and at the same time it is actually working.”

ACTIVE ROSSOBLù For their part, however, the other rossoblù players – in addition to constantly working in training – are also aggressively involved in the promotion activity with #fiorid partners Acciaio: on Wednesday, Nicolodi and Parks did a great job as ‘pharmacists’ at Picca sales Point, while Milapie, Narviiūt and Togliani will be on Saturday morning at the Campobassano point of sale in Estasi Profumerie to reward those who won the competition launched by the company with the rossoblù club.

Towards the presentation next week, which on Sunday will see the first appearance of the #fiorid Acciaio, on the afternoon of Sunday 2 October, against Luca on opening day in Cagliari, there is another important date on the club’s agenda: the appointment with the player The official presentation of the circuit scenario on Thursday 29th September from 7pm, and on that occasion, among others, the official presentation of the #fiorid Acciaio game uniform for next season is also scheduled.