Treviso Basket, a city celebrating the team’s 10th anniversary

Monday 26 September A great date for basketball fans and Treviso fans who will be able to enjoy an evening in the heart of the city dedicated entirely to ten years of Treviso Basket’s life and to introducing new coach Marcelo Nicola’s team to the city. But not only that, the ceremony will also be preceded by the introduction of the entire large family of TVB Basketball, in the presence of all Treviso Basket youth teams from Minibasket to Under 19s, Solid World Pall teams. Treviso from U-12 to U-17, from PDM Treviso who plays Serie A wheelchair basketball and from the Baskettosi Treviso integrated basketball team. The Hip Hop Dance Academy will be the “puppets” to color the event.

The event, which will be decorated with on-stage animation for the prestigious employees of TVB’s media partner Radio Company, will begin with the first segment dedicated to youth, with Treviso Basket and Solid World teams performing from small-player basketball to the largest from 6.45pm downtown. On Via Calmaggiore from the Duomo to Piazza dei Signori. All teams will be presented one by one on the stage set up in Piazza Aldo Moro (adjacent to Piazza dei Signori). At about 8 p.m., it will be the turn to present two important facts that unite basketball and social such as PDM and Baskettosi, now to Treviso Basketball Institutions and follow up on the much-awaited presentation of the Nutribullet Treviso Basket that will blow out exactly 10 candles and have a warm embrace from its fans in the heart of the city, a few days before The start of the tournament in Palaverde. Admission is free, the events organized are sponsored by the municipality of Treviso, in cooperation with the radio company and the GAC service.

The team in Tocai

On the evening of Thursday, September 15, in the “Tocai” downtown Treviso, the first team’s “contact” with “fioi dea Sud, the historic club of Treviso fans who roasted with the TVB players, got to know the warmth of its loyal supporters.

Friendly match against Allianz Trieste

Nutribullet TVB will play another friendly Saturday night at 7 p.m. in Caorle, this time with Allianz Trieste. Coach Nikola’s full squad in regards to the available players, awaiting a return after the European Championship for Poland’s Sokolowski (who participated today in the semi-finals with France) and Finn Jantunen (who finished the adventure in the quarter-finals) who will be in Treviso next week, and Mikk Jurkatamm who Completes re-education. Sicilian center Mirco Gloria (203 cm, 27 years old) joined last year in Jesse these days for training. Tickets for the friendly match are still available tomorrow at the Caorley Sports Hall box office. Meanwhile, the friendly match on Monday 19 in Ljubljana has been canceled, so the next date after tomorrow’s match in Caorle with Trieste will be the Jesolo tournament on September 23-24.

Subscribe campaign

Activation of the second phase of the “I was there, I’ll be there” season ticket campaign in Nutribullet Treviso Basket 2022/23 for free sale and renewal of previous 19/20 and 21/22 season tickets (with pre-emption on price, pre-emption in place expired in July); In these weeks of September, season tickets can be purchased online at and in the Emisfero Silemare Shopping Center (Treviso Sud motorway exit) on Fridays from 5 pm to 7.30 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 12:30 evening. There are great opportunities for families (with a total of 300 euros you can sign up for a family of 4!), convenience for young people (subscription under 14 for 30 euros, under 25 for 80 euros) and important discounts (5 games for free) for previous subscribers. Information and prices at