Twenty-one years after Hewitt, history repeats itself, Alcaraz loses his debut as a no. 1 of the order of ATP

It was November 19, 2001and a young man from Adelaide with a giant character named Lleyton Hewitt had become The smallest number one in history – Since 1973, the year the computerized computation system was established – for the ATP rankings, he snatched the puck from the three-time champion Roland Garros. fountain Kuerten. rustyas Brad Gilbert liked to call him, he reached the throne of world tennis thanks to the victory in the ATP Finals – Then he called again Master Cup – di Shanghaimatured exactly one day before, in the final she beat Sebastian Grosjean – Oddly enough, they both now hold the role of Captain Davis, in their respective national teams – and he was the first-ever ranking holder with his team. 20 years and 8 Months beat the previous record, which belongs to the Russian Mara Save (20 years and 10 months).

Melbourne Castle – But unfortunately for him, the first game in the role of the new role of the “King of the Racquet” did not go according to his wild dreams, but rather was. Building And so for the end result also for the frame in which he matured: Eleven days after he got the head of the tennis movement, in fact, Hewitt underwent a bitter disappointment Lost their first Davis Cup Final Game of that season: they faced each other Rod Laver Stadium From Melbourne, to compete for the salad bowl, theAustralia and the France. Leighton took the field as his team’s first singles player, and despite leading by two sets to one, ended up being regrouped by Nicholas shieldWhat a gift, this refers to the Transalpine team. Although the Australian Lion partially addressed that by beating out on Sunday, the challenge was between the two. 1, only that Grosjean decommissioned a few weeks ago; In the end, it was the team that lifted the silver cup stayed who saw him in the Escudé National hero Of those three days in Australia: ex n. 17 of the world knocked in the deciding match, on 2-2Wayne Atours – The latter replaced Patrick Rafter, who was unable to enter the field due to a bad shoulder and who on the first day defeated the current captain of the French national team -. Cedric’s confirmation on Saturday was also crucial to the end result Biolin It’s a factory Santoro On a pair of kangaroos shaped by Hewitt and Rafter.

Almost 21 years later – So it was a really cool “blow” to suck, as the person suffered as the new ruler of tennis for Hoyt, given that an eraser perso Contributed to fail Oasisamong others at home, in the oldest team competition ever. 20 Years, 9 months, and after only three days of difference, History repeats itself: This time the protagonist is a nineteen-year-old Iberian, who was born specifically in Murcia in southern Spain, annoyed The whole racket world in 2022, winning – among other things – two titles gentlemen 1000 especially First Grand Slam career in New York. Thanks for the US victory, Carlitos Alcaraz Youngest tennis player ever to sit first in the ranking graduated: undermining the record Who, yeah, it is, Lleyton Hewitt with his 19 years and 4 months.

Still the Davis Theater of Evil – But the Australian ‘Little Devil’ was not willing to give up this precedence unexpectedly, and so decided to move special curse On the shoulders of young Carlos. Thus, in his second experience with a shirt RojaWorld Tennis Champion Definitely ominous taste For a student of Ferrero: Also regrouped, falling to third place under the blows of a flash Auger too. Obviously it should be taken into account Some extenuating circumstances As for Alcaraz’s form, he arrived late in Valencia – as of Monday afternoon he was still in the Big Apple – and thus was unable to train much. for a better fit under the new conditions; He also expended a lot of energy during the night marathon races at Flushing Meadows almost passing the field 24 Hours No one played much to win a Grand Slam Test.

To confirm all these doubts that accompanied him in the first of n. Number 1 in the world, the same number one in Spain: “Felix played very well. I stayed in the game for two hours and didn’t give much away. I would say that when I was 4-4 in the second set I only made two mistakes that I should have avoided. Obviously, I haven’t arrived in very good physical shape. The surface is very slow and I only had two days to adapt my game to this course. For me it was a really complicated day. But, of course, I must congratulate my opponent because he played a great match. Despite the result, playing in such an atmosphere was great. This is the Davis Cup. I love playing in Spain, and I love playing in front of my fans and my people. I always try to make them happy. I wanted to be there and go back to Spain right away to share this moment, #1 and the US Open title, with all my friends and fans..

It is clear that the lock can only be dedicated to the king who received it, and was honored with the words of the one who at least partly wants to take the wand: “Federer is one of my assets, when I found out I didn’t want to believe it, I still dreamed of playing against him: he represents magic and talent in tennis.“.