Upper Venice, Trieste basketball in the final. Spencer is there and hears his voice, Bartley Coo

Jesolo. There will not always be a Umana Venezia in front of the Trieste Basketball. This season, Red and White have lost twice and from the second leg, on Friday 23 September at PalaCarnaro in Jesolo, the most reliable response to arrive since next Sunday will already be the championship.

Against one of the most solid squads in Serie A, apart from the two divine teams that are in a separate league (Milan and Virtus, who else?), Trieste fights on equal footing in the first quarter, remaining in the waterline in the next set, losing the wire on returning from The locker room undergoing a break virtually shuts down the problem by delegating a useless academy to the last 10 minutes. In attack, Trieste stings very little from the three points, a little constant in the summer, in defense, he alternates moments of good pressure with phases of decline. It must also be said that not all of the upcoming opponents will be as talented and physical as de Raphael’s men.

The most awaited of red and white was definitely Skylar Spencer. The center confirmed that he is in good sporting shape and seems to guarantee an upgrade compared to Vine’s dash: he knows how to work and is respected under the basket. Bartley comes out in the third quarter hurt, to see if he gets back up today.

Trieste begins to leave Gaines and Spencer on the bench, the Venetians without Parks and Bramus exclude Azzurri Speco and Tistouri from the start. The first action bodes well, forcing the gun to spend 24 seconds without attacking the basket. smoke signals. Barbecue is served by Omana with a score of 8-0. The quickest reaction was Davis, who cut the gap in half. At 6′ Red and White Spencer debuts, at Vildera, right after that it’s up to Gaines. In eight minutes Trieste scored 6 points, all with Davis. Break Pacher’s monotony with a four-point game with triples and additional freebies. Legovic also tries an odd and defensive pentathlon with Spencer and Feldera together and Dingili in the junior striker. First quarter at 12-18 with strong use of spin on both sides.

Spencer was spared the changes for a fast track entry into the red and white games, so the new position could also allow himself a first crush before returning to the bench. Venice debuts with a double-digit feature, Deangeli rintuzza by triple mode which is not the house specialty. In the lines of Trieste to give depth to the long section due to the absence of training of Lever and Spencer, who arrived for 4 days, there is still the generous Marsius community. The first real stretch of the lake is one of those that leaves its mark: from +5 to +13 (32-45) you go with it to the long rest. Twenty-seven points ceded in a quarter. For Bartley so far three points with 0/7 from the field, out of three 14.3% of the team, there is work to be done.

Umana declares that he wants to be on the piece since the first day of the tournament: in defense he does not give up an inch and in attack he finds punishment in Willis. The former of Brindisi throws three-pointers at Trieste with 21 points (36-57) spoiling the doubles for the final and the final from Memorial Sylvesterin. The red and white frustrated continue to not put it off from 6.75. Chills Bartley who stopped horribly collapsed to the ground and limped. We see Gaines bring the two-stroke difference back to more acceptable terms, but it’s still hard to really reopen the match. The last quarter adds little or nothing. On Saturday 24 September, he will face Trieste Treviso again, after losing last Saturday in Caorle, in the final for third place. Two-ball at 7 p.m.