US Open 2022 fashion

The last stop is in New York. The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. The lights ring up at night. The melting pot of Wall Street. But also new trends in fashion. You’re also aware of the big tennis clothing brands that often made their players wear the most extravagant and controversial clothing during the US Open. How to forget, say, Agassi’s denim shorts or Serena’s tiger boots. Also this year, the brands haven’t been proven wrong, with amazing color choices and certain cuts.

Serena Williams – Nike

Serena Williams – US Open 2022 (Photo: Twitterusopen)

The US Open was Serena’s “Last Dance,” the last tournament before her retirement, in front of her home crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the youngest and most successful of the Williams sisters on this occasion wore a dress inspired by the sport closest to dancing, or snowboarding: A tight short skirt with covered sleeves. color is Nero, which the multiple-time US champion wore during her evening victories at Flushing Meadows. To enrich (in the truest sense of the word) this look there are sequins in the dress, 400 (!!!) diamonds in the shoe And some in the hair are also gold-plated shoelaces. With this outfit, however, Serena not only wanted to show off the number of zeros in her bank account, but also celebrated her extraordinary career and life experience. The six veils in the skirt are a nod to the 6 winners of the US Open, and the diamonds in the shoe are used to form the words “queen” and “mama.” In short, More than a simple tennis suit, we’re making a comprehensive statementwhich reaffirms how Serena is an icon that transcends the world of tennis, and perhaps even the world of sports in general. (Valerio Vignoli)

Rafa Nadal – Nike

Rafael Nadal – US Open 2022 (photo Twitterrolandgarros)

Lights and Shadows on Rafa this year in New York And not just because it got out of hand tiafu In the round of 16, but also for worn costumes. In fact, the full-day suit has been promoted with flying colors With purple shorts, a white shirt and shoes to match the shorts. A stylish summer pick that goes perfectly with a blast Nadal. Instead, the evening outfit was rejected. In fact, if we could appreciate the choice of pink for the belt and bracelets, The color of the shirt and pants is fadedSad, unsuitable for tennis. A similar color, albeit in a lighter shade, was brought to Flushing Meadows from Roger Federer in 2018when unexpectedly defeated during an evening session John Millman. However, at every Grand Slam we always appreciate the subtle touch on the shoes where Nike is embossed, as well as the Rafa’s name written on it. The years of his victories in New York: 10, 13, 17 AH 19. How do you say and do not forget … (Kiara Gaza)

Nike Collection

Carlos Alcaraz – US Open 2022 (photo Twitter atptour)
Arina Sabalenka – US Open 2022 (Image via Twitter, WTA)

A group that is brave but uninspiring at the same time. Appropriate light red from shirt”Carlitos Alcaraz Furthermore it , Stands for “fuego” in the Spanish language, a new champion for New York, as well as N. 1 of the world’s smallest in history. However, the Wine side bands don’t go with redPlus, the white sleeves make everything a bit plain.

Perhaps the choice of color combinations should be reviewed, as well as with regard to the outfit to be worn Arina SabalenkaShe reached the semi-finals of the US Open. The red side stripe of the top definitely changes the aesthetics of the tank top – white and classic – and the skirt – with a pretty cyclamen pink color and light pleats. (Laura Guidobaldi)

All Swiatek – Essex

Iga Swiatek – US Open 2022 (photo Twitterrolandgarros)

Iga Swiatek wins the US Open when he is only 21 years old, Made on May 31, it became the new face of women’s tennis after a winning season. For its fall collection, Asics chooses a light Tiffany color for it, nothing more in line with New York, let’s admit it, which perfectly matches the texture of the imperceptible kilt. The ultra-classic tank top recovers at the front with a play of fabric on the back. In short, we really love Iga’s outfit and it fits her perfectly: Sober, but categorical. The light blue shoes may not go well but they are just details. In the end The hat is now an integral part of the Iga, so much so that without it it becomes difficult to recognize it. So Asics should think about this and indulge in creating special designs for their hero. (Kiara Gaza)

Casper Road – Unix

Casper Rudd – US Open 2022 (photo Twitterdaviscup)

Perhaps the new US Open finalist, Casper Rudd, always in style, deserves a more refined suit. Sure, the shirt evokes its own tennis energy, but the dominant burgundy color, which fades to beige and pink in diagonal stripes, isn’t best suited for the shimmering atmosphere of Flushing Meadows. However, white comes in to “soften” this geometric and rugged outfit at the same time, giving it a touch of elegance that gives so much to the 23-year-old Norwegian. (Laura Guidobaldi)

Matteo Berrettini – Hugo Boss

Matteo Berrettini – US Open 2022 (photo Twitter atptour)

Hugo Boss and Brittany: What can I say? They are now a guarantee on every tennis court. also Matthew in New York is perfect Black and white with beige details. Elegant, classic, exclusive. He also has the hat that is worn with the mask on the back, which he can do Giovanotti from the 80’sInstead, it’s perfect. Hugo Boss understands Berrettini’s potential and uses it brilliantly. Her clothes from this US Open It rightfully goes into the finest wearable for any sport. I did well. (Kiara Gaza)

Daniel Medvedev – Lacoste

Lacoste is synonymous with polo. Not to mention that polo is synonymous with Lacoste. So it is surprising to see Daniel Medvedev, the best tennis player for the French brand, wearing a jersey on the field. And what a shirt, one would say. The outfit seen in New York is probably the Russian’s best dressed in this not-so-simple season of 2022 for him. The Air Force blue T-shirt has different panels and a harmonious geometric pattern, giving a touch of originality and modernity. Flawless combination with navy pants. For the night session, the Muscovite team wore the same color block, with a navy T-shirt and flight shorts. But the result was not good (Valerio Vignoli).

adidas collection

Jessica Pegula – US Open 2022 (Image via Twitterusopen)

In this US Open, Adidas created a collection with emerging South African fashion designer Thebe Magugu. Suits refer to Africa due to their bright colors (fuchsia, cream white, orange) and the appearance of a black woman with a thick lock of hair and lipstick. The intention, more than commendable, is to send a message Inclusiveness and love, at a time when it is most needed. However, the clothes as a whole do not quite convince between basic cuts and risky color combinations. Ultimately, this group of three-line brands in the final slam of the year are better in theory than in practice.

Venus Williams – Eleven to Venus Williams

Venus Williams It wasn’t denied until this year and in New York Gives a lesson of sophistication and elegance with a green outfit, intricate to wear to anyone except Venus, He also renamed it Gianni Clerici. The very short top and kilt have an almost vintage flavor due to the white stripes that intersect with total green. However, the thin stroke is in the warmer, long-sleeved white heart with which Venus begins the doubles match. Once again elusive. (Kiara Gaza)

Coco Juff – New Balance

Cory Gauff - US Open 2022 (Twitterusopen)
Cory Gauff – US Open 2022 (Twitterusopen)

Coco Gauff and her clothes, a winning combination. In fact, The New Balance, with its costumes, always best expresses the charisma and beautiful personality of the 18-year-old American. Moreover, elegance does not decrease with originality. At this US Open, a touch of elegance was given off by the black checkered skirt, light and ethereal in fabric, but gritty in color and pattern. It is a pity that the shirt on this occasion did not live up to expectations. Several mismatched elements together create a rather boisterous combination: white sleeves with holes, red side straps, lilac-slashed designs, light green and blue inviting flower petals on a black square background, yellow cuffs and black ribbon and white checkered hair… Well, I sure do too much. Pity. (Laura Guidobaldi)

Ajla Tomljanovic – The Original Penguin

For the first time in her career, the Wheel of the Beautiful and the Beautiful has reached the quarter-finals of the US Open. And he shone not only thanks to tennis but also for the elegance he displayed on the court. Tomljanovic has always had a graceful carry and the American brand Original Penguin, with golfer style details, always makes high quality suits. It fits perfectly, just like the dress worn in Flashing Meadows, polished and fun at the same time, thanks to the elegance of electric blue, which is vibrant enough through the white and pink pattern of the bodice and skirt. Light, ethereal and fresh, just like his calf. (Laura Guidobaldi)