Verstappen involved in a financial scandal? Here’s the truth

Now close to graduating world champion Verstappen for a second time, he will be at the center of an off-track question.

An unpleasant story that has nothing to do with it With his business behind the wheel, he’ll be about to invest Max Verstappen. In fact, a large-scale financial case has just erupted in the Netherlands involving the Jumbo supermarket chain, the 24-year-old’s long-time sponsor.

Max Verstappen (Ansa Pictures)

CEO and Owner Frits van Erd He was questioned by authorities about an investigation that Eindhoven News described as the largest “money laundering investigation” ever.

From what has been learned, the extensive hashtag saves the Hasselt rider two million annually. A person who is checked by the police, doubts the cleanliness of this money.

For his part, the manager said #1 Immediately try to tone down the story, and minimize its impact on the rest of the season. “We are waiting for the facts to be put on the table‘ said Algemeen Dagblad.We are in constant contact with Jumbo and his senior management and everything is running as usual“.

In the current uncertainty, just to make the necessary variances, the beneficiary wanted to confirm that the investigation was not about the brand itself, but about the sponsor. “We have an agreement with the supermarket and they are not part of the process. This has been announced. That’s why I will be careful with all these suggestions and wait for something concrete“.

Verstappen within sight of the police?

We don’t know if this inconvenient fact will upset Ace Red BullEspecially now that he’s one step away from the finish line. Thanks to the success of Monza two weeks ago, Son of Art is now close to the crown. The second Laurel in a row could arrive in Singapore at the beginning of October, although it will likely have to wait for the next Grand Prix at Suzuka.

Certainly, the World Cup he is currently playing is a far cry from the one he witnessed in 2021. Then the tensions vis-à-vis he was not ruled out with Mercedes in Hamilton On several occasions he exceeded his athletic commitment. Steady arrows among drivers will always remain in the minds of circus fans. Not to mention the accusations, even if not severe, build between the two stables Toto Wolff and Christian Horner.

Deceive Ferrari As a second powerhouse on the field, Team Power had an easy time. Mattia Binotto They never attacked rivals, and though they did not like each other very much, Max E Charles Leclerc They have always shown mutual respect.

Technically there was no comparison. Primary reliability defects for RB18 They were immediately corrected and from that moment the Austrian team almost dominated, only a few glimpses of Cavallino remained. A position contrary to what happened last year, which was decided even on the last lap of the final event. Not without controversy, and still not dormant, about how the race was directed by the then race director Michael Massey.

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Six events from the conclusion, Red Bull Stand out with more center feature points. The same goes for the rating of drivers.