Villeneuve with Alpine 2021 at Monza: “Aerodynamics is like a parachute” – F1 Piloti – Formula 1

During the twelve years of his career at the wheel of a single seat, Jacques Villeneuve He reached the highest points with an Indianapolis 500 victory in 1995, then became the Formula 1 World Champion two years later with Williams, becoming the last Grove Team driver to reach the milestone. From 2006 onwards, except for a short trial with the 500 Miglia in 2014 and with Formula E in the 2015/16 season, the Canadian will no longer participate in other classes with individual seats.

However, a few days before the Italian Grand Prix, Villeneuve accepted an invitationAlps To test the 2021 car Monzawe find that some aspects are similar to those in the manual from 16 years ago and others are quite different: “The car was really very stable and easy to drive – Explained in an interview with Racingnews.comma There is a lot of fist. The brain really struggles to understand speed: You’re nailed to the floor and Feel like watching a movie In “fast forward” mode, it is very accelerated. It is really impressive. After the laps made on the simulator, and after seeing Ocon and Alonso driving, I understood where the braking point was. I thought your brain remembers everything: tracks and anything from 15-16 years ago, as well as how and where you should brake. The memory doesn’t go away, but when you follow that memory you step on the brakes and when you take off You realize the curve is still 50 meters away“.

In the laps completed at Monza, where he set quite respectable times, Villeneuve confirmed that The development of aerodynamicswhich you would not have expected such a height: “Even without the brakes on, it almost seems to be there umbrella to slow the car – he added – I don’t remember driving such a stable car before. I was afraid of not being able to raise my head, but I did, though I was dying of pain during the evening ”. Speaking of unwelcome physical sensations, Al-Kindi then emphasized the Tests carried out on the simulator On the eve of the Belgian Grand Prix, with driving sensations very different from those in real life on the track: It made me sick – He confessed – When you hit the brake pedal, your brain thinks you’re in an F1 car and forgets you’re in a simulator. You think it gets the g-power, but it doesn’t. The weight should be on the head and arms, but it is not. Instead of feeling the weight of the seat belts, you feel the weight of the seat – the opposite of how it should feel. That’s when your head tells you something is wrong, like you’re fishing for mushrooms or something. As long as the brain is able to separate reality from the simulator, everything is fine: when you make it so real that you think you’re in a racing car. If you give me an XBOX console, it’s no problem because I’m fiddling with my finger: I’m in a game, no problem. But if you put me in the house with the brake pedal, I get upset.”

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