“We lose tens of millions every year without a proper stadium”

Rossoneri Principal: “With RedBird, the growth stage to become a global reference in the entertainment sector”

Now that I change ownership Milan Passed into the hands red bird In all respects, the question asked by football fans, but also finance fans, is what future From the Rossoneri Club. On and off the field, with major investors and partnerships, the Milan You will implement different strategies in all areas, from the team to the field, passing through the growth of the brand.

The Head of the Del Milan Revenue OfficeAnd the Casper Stylesvig To sports business expert Joe Pompliano, trying to explain the Rossoneri project.

Phase problem – “Italy is one of the countries in Europe with the oldest facilities which average ages between 60 and 70 years and the infrastructures have obviously changed over time. The stadium gives a boost to revenue and the safety of the fans is also key. To be able to compete with the big clubs, we need this extra revenue that we can’t guarantee now, and we can’t afford to lose tens of millions of euros a year because we don’t have a proper stadium.”

new factory – “The process of building a new one is long and complicated, in the past even the gypsies abandoned it. We hope to have an answer by Christmas, but the bureaucracy really slows everything down. The political and legal system in Italy certainly does not help investment in modern factories.”

recent investments – “I am convinced, also considering how things are going, that we can create the best football club in the world with Milan and be one of the greatest clubs ever with the right ownership and the right mindset. There is a lot of potential to continue growing with this brand and winning my league. Seventh European Champions.

self-sustainability – “We have to be a sustainable company, a real company even if many companies in Europe do not behave in this way. We can help from many points of view by using the brand in the right way and in many areas, exploiting our 550 million followers all over the world.”

Redbird Yankees – “We have the same vision for the club, to bring entertainment, sports, music, design and fashion into one. The new ownership brings the knowledge to bring AC Milan to this growth and become a global force in the entertainment sector. Yankees Milan will have more fans and a presence in North America, as we will for them Here in Italy. There are many projects at stake.”

stars of the future – “In 2003, Milan had the same income as Real Madrid, and now like any company we cannot afford 200-300 million losses a year. We tell the fans that we are not going to buy stars, but we will create them, so they too will do. We feel part of it, we We are proud of what we do, but everything that is born does not come out of nowhere.