What is the most powerful engine in 2022?

The pony car, the F1 – 75, showed some reliability limits compared to the PU of the RB18. However, this is the most powerful engine among the contenders.

2022 was a breath of fresh air for Formula One fans. Finally, after Mercedes’ long dominance, the hybrid era has given the first class of motorsport new ideas with ground-impact cars.. After 40 years, the cars that made history between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties are back on track. The newest winged car, so admired by fans on the track, was from 1982.

Ferrari F1 – 75 RB 18 (Ansa Photo)

Since the following year, the single seat has had to change, for safety and regulatory reasons, to abandon the Venturi ducts built below. Farewell to the earthly influence and unusual ideas of the architects of bygone days. Of the current teams with previous experience with wing cars, we can only track McLaren, Williams, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo (long before the partnership with Sauber), but in the end it was Red Bull Racing that fooled everyone. The genius engineer, Adrian Newey, developed a dominant design. After a mixed start to the season, due to some technical issues, Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix with ease. The most obvious example, after the summer vacation at Spa, starting from the back. In just 12 laps, No. 33, today’s No. 1 on the grid, managed to take first place.

Red Bull Racing won 11 out of 15 races. Sergio Perez snatched the joy of winning in Monaco thanks to a Ferrari wall. In the early stages of the calendar, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were forced into retirement due to a fuel pump failure. Both raised the white flag in Bahrain. The Dutchman then won in Jeddah, dropping to 46 points behind Leclerc in Melbourne. After retiring twice in the first three races, many began to believe in Reed’s victory. The opening hat, along with excellent performances in Saudi Arabia and Australia, left us to imagine an amazing world championship. From Imola onwards, only Max won, with three exceptions: the Principality of Monaco, England and Austria.

Formula 1, Ferrari vs Red Bull: PU . Challenge

In terms of reliability, Ferrari’s engine has left Sainz and Leclerc on foot on several occasions. Ferrari another penalty on the way? Below are the future scenarios. After all, during 2022 Ferrari achieved less than it could have in terms of results. Due to strategy errors and driver flaws, Leclerc has accumulated the largest gap in history between first and second place in the standings. Updates also made the difference. The Milton Keynes team has spared no expense in developments. The RB18 advanced in so many areas that I was able to lose those extra pounds that limited my max on the first seasonal rides. Ferrari and Red Bull Racing have managed to put the two best wing cars in the championship on the track.

Ferrari currently has the most powerful F1 engine in the field. Mercedes is the most reliable engine. The Honda Red Bull is the engine that absorbs electricity the longest. The four manufacturers are so close in terms of performance that the FIA ​​doesn’t have to interfere“, we read in columns AMus. The Superfast engine turned out to be the most powerful, although also the most fragile among the engines. The basic idea of ​​the Red technicians was to compress everything before freezing, and then work on reliability afterwards. However, Red Bull Racing has already found that perfect balance. It also appears that the latest technical update, shown at Spa, to the electric part of the RB18’s hybrid powertrain has improved the driving feel of its flagship standard. Verstappen, the manager empties the bag: Here’s how he wins.

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For its part, the Mercedes W13, despite the erroneous design of the car without bellies, enjoyed impressive reliability. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton retired on only two occasions, but due to accidents. Although this is only the first year of a new artistic cycle, the values ​​of the major teams have remained true to historical traditions. Alpine took 4th place in the manufacturers’ ranking. The French team is ahead of McLaren Mercedes. However, the gap between the first two in the class has widened compared to the previous year. Red Bull Racing confirmed its leadership after a highly competitive 2021, while Scuderia Ferrari jumped ahead and Mercedes fell two steps back. Despite the gaps in the rating, the engines seem to be on the same level overall. In 2022 only four drivers won, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, but in the coming years there could also be some exciting surprises.