Who is Edoardo Casalone, all about Pozzecco’s assistant

After the super match against SerbiaAnd the l’Italbasket preparing to face France Tomorrow in the quarters Eurobasket. Will be back on the bench Bozeco After his dismissal in the third quarter when he was his assistant Eduardo Casaloni Take charge of the team. here you are Which is Alternate to Bose when he is sent off.

Who is Eduardo Casaloni?

Edoardo Casalone was born on August 12, 1989 in Valenza, near Alessandria. Play basketball with youth teams in Junior Libertas Casale MonferratoThen we move on to the first team. Later he also became a coach for the youth teams and then the older teams.

In the 2013 Among the staff Don Bosco Livorno in Serie B while then in 2014 switch to Derthona basketas an assistant in A2. In the 2018 located in dynamo sasari Where does he get training? Gianmarco Bosicoand here the two form a great bond that in fact continues to this day.

in SardiniaEdoardo Casalone stays there until 2020/2021 Then move on to the next season, last year, on top Turin basketFor the first time since then CoachAnd the. Moreover, as we have well seen, he is always in the Pozzecco team who in the meantime has become a technical mentor In Italy.

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Italy and Serbia

In the third quarter of Italy and Serbiathe game is valid for Reach the quarter-finals of the EurobasketPozzecco receives the second technical of the match and then as the rules want he is ejected from the field. Boz begins to bid farewell to all the benches and his players on the field, before also bidding farewell to the Serbian bench.

At this point it becomes Edoardo Casalano l’head coach, the head coach of Italbasket and above all our players take the chair. At that point in the match, we were behind the Serbs but not far, and soon after the coach sent off, the Azzurri’s pass on attack and above all bypassing their opponents.

Often, Millie and Polonara play at the NBA level, especially the first who was playing with Pozzecco on the field his normal match, with few points and assists. After being fired, he transformed himself into becoming Best player of the match with 22 points.

Instead, Millie began to dominate both attack and defence, especially with his teammates who managed to stop him several times. Nikola Jokiccenter nuggets And twice the best player in the regular season of the NBA. To put the icing on the cake then we thought the usual Simon Fontechiothe future ai Utah Jazzwho cornered the Serbian giant and then flew to the basket, also had a foul to reach the three-point game.

The relationship between Casalon and Bosico

As mentioned, Edoardo Casalone and Gianmarco Pozzecco have known each other ever since 2018, when the latter was at the helm of the dynamo Sassari. Since then, the relationship between the two has become so strong, that the two are very good friends and above all inseparable on the court.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time Bose had been fired and Casalon was taking the reins. In fact, it happened so well in Sardinia eight timesAnd all these times, the team always won. Now, after beating Serbia, they are nine out of nine. How obviously Pozzecco with this one strategy Try to send a message to your players, that they have to give everything.

Italy vs France

After the victory of the Round of 16 against Serbia, Eurobasket sets us up for the challenge once again France. Aye QuartersIn fact, Italy will face the Alps it was a year ago Olympic Games in Tokyo They knocked us out in the knockout stage.

Of course, the blues will have to take a dip in their eyes Rudy Gobert, star of the blue, which was completely useless for results purposes. It is very likely that Italbasket will be reinforced around this measure by its coach Pozzecco who will press hard to get more power and give it to his players, to recreate another historic feat.

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