Who plays, who does not – Raspaduri on the pole! Piatek, Strefezza, Vignato, Gytkjaer, Locatelli, Lozano… – SOS Fanta

On September 16, 2022 at 10:45 am

The Italians’ commitments in Europe ended yesterday, we start today with the seventh round of Serie A: Salernitana Lecce at 20.45. The postponement on Sunday between Milan and Naples ends the tour, again at 8.45pm. Here is the news coming from the fields and newspapers in the fantasy football key, awaiting today’s coaches press conferences:

your home – First from the start in front of the Salernitana fans. Krzysztof Piatek is still preferred over Bonazzoli To corner Zia in the center of the attack. There are three shirts for two shirts, Nicola often exchanges points. But for this challenge, we are moving towards confirming the duo who took the field with Juventus, with Pistolero in the lead. instead of hung fazioGyomber or Pirola in the center of the defense.

STREFEZZAHe summoned yes, but toward the seat. both for Corriere dello Sport in order to NewspaperGabriel Streviza is not expected to enter the field from 1pm tonight in Salerno. The Rosary puts it this way: “Strefezza’s call-up represents the surprising news on the eve of Lecce’s home. The Italian-Brazilian winger appears to have recovered from a Grade 1 muscle injury in his left calf, after a return to court was only expected after the break.” Gabriel is available. “He’s done a training and a half with the team. I don’t know if I’ll use it right away or during the race, but it’s available for all intents and purposes,” Marco Baroni announced yesterday.

Bologna Very curious to see Tiago Motta’s first bologna in action. 4 defense tests for the new coach, with the possibility of novelty venato Right: magazine e Corriere dello Sport It is located at the pole on Orsolini (not in the best physical condition for rosacea). At his side, Soriano and Barrow tried to support the retriever Arnautovic.

Turin – Information about the formation of Turin against Sassuolo. come from Gazzetta dello sport They are closely related to the Fantasia coaches: “Ivan Juric has two or even three doubts about the anti-Sassuolo team. The coach is considering whether to confirm as a whole, at first, the eleven seen at San Siro against Inter or make some changes. In defense here. Schuurs undermine Djidji as he advances Pellegri – Sanabria is a ballot paper that will be resolved only in the morningafter completion. I Senju and Lazaro compete tooHowever, the indicators obtained from training put the former Inter player in the lead. The reason is technical: the Austrian has much richer baggage than outside the Ivory Coast,” we read.

Calhanoglu Hakan Calhanoglu’s recovery time after injury. Unveiled today Gazzetta dello sportwhich confirms what was expected by SOS Fanta: “During training, Hakan Calhanoglu felt a ‘pull’ as he kicked and stopped wisely. Then automated tests at Humanitas of Rozzano highlighted a ‘muscular distraction in the left thigh muscle’: these are to Somewhat the point held Lukaku, albeit in different circumstances, at the end of August. The conditions of the Turk will be reassessed next week, perhaps with new exams at Rozzano, but if the course goes well, Calha can be re-recruited after 15-20 days of proper treatment. Among other things, the rest of the national teams is completely falling out to make him recover and reduce the number of matches left in the street: Hakan will not go to Turkey and aims to see the San Siro again, if not against Roma on October 1. . , against Barcelona at 4″, we read.

Monza Monza tests at home for the next round match against Juventus. Gazzetta dello sport He reveals new coach Palladino’s plans: “He is working hard on the field to involve the team in his tactical project: 3-4-3 with a striker surrounded by two halves, ready to receive the ball between the lines or to spread out. Depending on the situation. But, regardless of the numbers, It will be necessary to give substance to that prolonged (and futile) possession of the ball shown thus far, with Palladino who, not surprisingly, demands high rhythms and seeks verticality in short order.This morning the 11 against Juventus on Sunday will be studied with even greater interest. In the goal we go towards the confirmation of Di Gregorio, Preferred having saved lychee in tow. The biggest doubts in the attack, where betagna outside muscle fatigue: Gytkjaer use is more likely in place than Mota Carvalho,” we read.

you will – Aside from Chesney’s return to the group yesterday (Peren remained in pole position for Monza), there is no good news from the Allegri dispensary. Here’s what was highlighted today by Gazzetta dello sportAside from long-term residents Caio Jorge, Aki, Chiesa and Pogba, today Juventus will try to understand whether there is a Margins to recover at least one of Locatelli, Alex Sandro and Rabbit before Sunday. The sensations are not positive, yesterday none of the three trained in a group even if the Frenchman had a few more chances, ”we read.

Milan – Where is Leo arrested against Napoli? Two options: o Saelemaekers o Brahim Diaz, with the Belgian advancing to move to the left. With De Ketelaere, Messias and Giroud to complete poker for Pioli’s offensive players.

Naples The big match against Milan is approaching and Spalletti is hoping everyone will be available, except for Victor Osimhen who will be back after the break. As mentioned Gazzetta dello sportToday we will find out if Lozano is well From the case of minor influenza and therefore if it can be called. In principle, no turnover will be adjusted but some options to better face Milan. usual forward Runoff between Raspadori and Simeone with the first filter‘, has been read.