Women’s A2 Series, Luxury Test with Reyer Venezia for Posaclima Ponzano

The second test for Posaclima Ponzano facing Coach Mazzon’s team in a luxury location like Taliercio, who will be the protagonist this year in the Serie A and EuroCup Women’s League. Coach Gambarotto has to deal with Ziken’s absence with Favaretto, who is not serving half-serve after suffering muscle fatigue in recent days.

“It was a very useful friendly match to raise our level of play and increase our physical strength – Announces Gambaroto Good deal – against a team from a higher category. The good thing is the team’s ability to improve defenses and increase intensity. But offensively, there’s still a lot more to work on.”

the match – first fourth | 14-29 Immediately another beats at the start of the match, the hosts score the first two points of the scrimmage and Ponzano struggles to find a way to the basket but 2+1 by Tivenius also opens up the score for the greens and whites. Cubaj in transition resets the bomb to +1 (4-3), Reyer’s physical size makes himself seriously felt, but Iuliano’s speed manages to “steal” 2 shots: 2 of 2 from the charity line and 11 to 5 Iuliano’s assist is for a specialty Pellegrini’s home: a triple from the corner to keep in touch with coach Mazon’s squad. (13-8) Omana spreads a partial 10 to 0, Ponzano struggles to find a way to the basket due to opponents’ excessive physical strength. Tivenius opens up the difficult moment for Posaclima with a good move to get back into the basket. Bianchi unleashes in defense, recovers two breakthrough balls and sends Bertil on the counterattack to score his first points in the afternoon (27-12). The fourth ends with a 2 of the 2 Bianchi of the line followed by a colon at the end of Young D’Este (29-14).

Fourth and second | 28-13 The second part of the game begins, after a zero of the score, with a basket from inside the Pellegrini area; The lucky Tivinius took advantage of Posaclima’s first advantage. Raer also moves the retina with 1 on 2 with Carraro (prev. in the match). The green and white defense seems to work better and puts the Rifle team in trouble, having to throw two balls into the stands. Two more points from Sweden’s long Tivinius (9 points) and the scoreboard reads 1 to 6 unexpected for Ponzano. However, the lakes are starting to grind the game again. Santucci is rage on all balls: another rebound and another character basket for a partial Reyer release. Duel Shepard – Tivenius is under the boards, but the house has long been the best and scores a 2+1 which brings Coach Mazzon’s formation up to +7 (14-7). Also up to the first two points is captain Gobo who gets a valuable pass from Favaretto, but Delaer responds from 6.75 before the whirlwind of changes on both sides. He made his debut in the match also for the young Rossar 2004 who is now at the disposal of coach Gambarotto after he has recovered to 100%. The clear path in the frame makes Tivenius really double shapes. Impenetrable Shepherd: 5 consecutive points force Gambarotto coach out of time (27-11). The fourth ends on the 28th to 13th Reyer Venezia.

fourth third | 12-14 The third period begins with a counter-attack by Pellegrini from the recovered ball in the middle of the field and Santucci’s immediate response with a basket and a foul. But the spectacle comes from Bianchi signing alone 5-0: first with an impressive change of pace and two points in reverse; Then triple back after stealing, for 4-7. Rayer made herself felt a centimeter below the basket from Desty and Melder scoring a half-shot that puts the Venice team ahead in the score. A valuable help from “Lulu” Juliano who grabbed Mioni under the basket to score his first point in the match. A small part of the green and white formation with a basket from Pertile in the counter-attack after the team’s stifling defense (10-11). Another basket for Mioni gives Posaclima spirits, but Ponzano gives her best half: she closes fourth in Posaclima’s favor with a 12-14!

room room | 11-22 The last part that sees Reyer starts with a basket of Shepard; Mioni responds with his sixth point in the match and brings the score back into balance. Shepherd’s still fit physique pits the centimeter against Tivenius and takes home a 2+1 sumptuous. The clash is epic: Amanda makes a big sound, in the event of an offensive rebound she takes a stand and pays the American the same coin. The other duel is that between the players playing Bianchi and Santucci: the intensity is exorbitant and many balls arrive dirty on both sides. It’s Pellegrini’s show: the guard hits in bursts and kills victims in his coach’s defense at Azzurro Matsun, up to 12 points per game. Super passes by Pellegrini in favor of Tivenius who, alone, throws a bomb that makes Posaclima ahead of +3. Shepherd is truly irrepressible, but she’s the only one who found the fundus of the retina in the Rier house. Defending the Gambarotto girls is stifling, even forcing the under-and-thought-out hosts to violate the 8” (11-14). The bonus was reached after 7 minutes of play for Reyer Venezia, due to the aggressiveness of the lake’s defense, they sent Iuliano to the edge of 2 of 2. Ponzano also struggles to find the basket but after a good ball Pertile finds the trio of +8. The fourth quarter ends with a basket of Gobo and a bomb on the whistle of Favarito with a score of 11-22.

Scoreboard by Omana Rier Venezia-Posaclima Ponzano

Umana Reyer Venezia: Not available

Posaclima Ponzano: Iuliano, Pellegrini, Pertile, Gobbo, Tivenius. Match report: Tivenius 18, Pellegrini 12, Bianchi 9, Pertile 7, Gobbo 6, Mioni 6, Iuliano 4, Favaretto 3, Rosar, Varaldi. Coach: Gambaruto.