Women’s Serie A2: Ten potential youth surprises this season

Always a stronghold of talent, A2 is the league that is the “land of opportunities” for many young players. Every A2 Championship holds surprises in that sense, with the ultimate blast of great talent but also uniting those who start the season off with the lights on, and then at times surpass even the rosiest expectations. Today we take a look at the players who are far from the spotlight, but could make an impact in the 2022/2023 season.

Gaia Castelli (Game Maker, 2006, O.ME.PS Givova Battipaglia)
The company from Campania already last season showed a great trick, keeping plenty of space for 2004 Jessica Milani (very certain), the impression is that this year coach Maslarinos can also use his class in 2006 more, which was only seen for a few matches in the final of the tournament. Last season, four games. Physically accurate but very quickly, Castelli showed all her skills as a EuroBasket U16 scorer this summer, becoming one of the Italians’ most consistent goalscorers: 12.6 points, ninth in the tournament. Performances you can also shoot at a high level, after tasting the stadium also in Serie A1.

Elena Giordano (keeper, 2002, Valbruna Bolzano Steelworks)
Perhaps already more known than many of the players on this list, and more experienced (born in 2002), we feel like betting on Giordano because he definitely has an account to offer unfortunately. Fresh from two serious injuries, the last one treated for a cruciate injury with Udine, in a season that could have been like his final growth under a high-profile coach like Massimo Rega. For Giordano, it will certainly be a great desire for revenge and to come back stronger than before, after appearing only 21 games in A2 in the past two seasons. A player with an excellent technical level and an excellent physique, Acciaierie Valbruna Bolzano has focused this year on a young group in which she can excel.

Martina Guzzoni (Alaa, 2006, Spitzina basketball)
Guzzoni was perhaps the biggest surprise among the young girls in the last tournament. Coach Corsolini practically fired him in the quintet and after taking measurements 2006 he responded very well, even going three times with double figures and making a lot especially in the central part of the season. Eventually, with the arrival of the more experienced Stoichkova and the recent rush of la spezzine for promotion, his use became a little less. But it certainly remains the most interesting possibility in the bianconere: the payload is already there, as shown in the EuroBasket U16 should certainly expand the technical background but the rule of 20 starts in the quintet last season, at 16 not yet completed, it is important.

Christina Osazwa (Center, 2005, Limonta Costa Masnaga)
Costa Masnaga is talking about youth, and it’s a really complicated puzzle to solve: there are also many interesting starts this year, and what about already established players like Allievi or Villa who are young on paper, but in reality they were already champions. In Serie A1 and could they be in A2? So we pick a player that we think is in a gray area in the middle. Cristina Osazwa has everything to be an important A2 player, from being under the basket, to the zone player’s instincts, to the payload: she has enough distance behind her in the Costa A1 groups, even if it’s definitely lower when compared. For some comrades (only 3 inches on average). Costa brought home Tebe, a technical player who feels more comfortable in front of the basket than in the back, and therefore could consider betting in the long sector as well on Osazwa. It can also be seen from other market options: Villaruel and Brossman (wing 1.83) arrived in foreign slots, so the cargo close to the basket will certainly come in handy.

Sofia Moretti (Playmaker, 2003, Alma Basket Patty)
Moretti is perhaps a slightly underrated player in a rich brood of young Geas players: in Serie B alone, we’ve seen players like Pellegrini (2002), Milani (2004) explode from the Rossoneri, and 2003 Ronchi on the launch pad., Today in Udine. In fact, those who watched some of the Geas matches may not have missed Moretti’s talent and above all his excellent skills as a passer (also 4.7 assists in the 2021 Coppa Italia U18). From the Milan hinterland, he moved in 2003 to Bate under coach Mara Bozanca, and you should pay attention: in the past year Bate’s coach has done an excellent job with a group of young directors formed by Del Orto and Giuliano, and the improvements, especially in the latter, are undoubtedly noticeable .

Matildi Bianchi (Playmaker, 2003, Busaclima Ponzano)
Speaking of Iuliano, a big competition in the direction of the former Bate player in Ponzano with the Posaclima jersey: the change in fact is Bianchi who is very interesting. Despite her height of 170cm, the Veneto pocket playmaker was particularly effective off the bench starting with 17 and 15 points in the first two games of the 2021/22 season and then carving out a good space behind an experience point. A goalkeeper like Giordano. Also this season, Bianchi, who was split last year between Ponzano and Reyer, should start behind a more dependent partner, but could increasingly coalesce as a very strong change in the category, and why not, maybe even something more by offering assistance/turnover. . The ratio, so far somewhat lacking.

Mattia Nikolic (Ala-Centro, 2002, E-Gap Stella Azzurra Rome)
Among the players announced on Stella Azzurra’s roster, is the name that immediately catches the eye: those who had the chance to see Mattia Nikolic in action at the Altero Felici Arena for the crucial match for the promotion to Serie A2, could also be dumbfounded. She was with Ilyana Georgieva the driving force of ‘Stelline’, holding the field superbly against bespoke B games like Peric and Orsini: blocks, baskets on the outside, sports plays. Produced by the academy and brought up under coach Zaki Stojanovska, last season she replaced her in the race, after a passing appearance from nine games with Kansas, filling the spot vacated by Hungarian Krasowicz and giving all the power needed to the star machine. A very small list with many possibilities, but among them Mattia can be the most prepared.

LUDOVICA TUMEO (Play-Guardia, 2005, Delser Crich Udine)
Experienced playing guard Bate at Passalacqua Ragusa is coming out of Sicily for the first time. Last year we saw her cry after a crucial miss at Sassari Square: her moment of redemption may have come with the start of her senior career, in an environment like Udine who loves working with young girls. In the same roster there are two players who promise to be class stars (Povenzi and Ronchi) as well as the highly anticipated Pina, a very impressive class of 2006. In some ways Tomio Vitoria Blasi can be remembered in terms of characteristics: she can play as a theatrical, in fact maybe he can walk its development in this direction; It has an interesting payload, 1.76; He also has some long-range shots in his collection, not just from the set but from the build. Raw materials shaped in the best way, albeit on a very competitive slate, can lead Tomio to play important minutes and positions to start his way among the seniors to decide.

GIORGIA AMatori (Play-Guardia, 2005, AS Vicenza)
With the Campobasso shirt, Amatori has definitely honed his skills to continue his path as a key goalkeeper. It’s not hard to believe that in Vicenza she could be the start, with Fontana as a change and Monaco that could help both of them try it out, but you’ll basically be playing as a goalkeeper. With a height of 1.75, the Amatori is not only a very good physical but also an important part of the role (at the U-20 level, at the Coppa Italia 2021, he traveled an average of 7.4 rebounds). She may still have to provide some details, like transitions, and spending a lot of minutes in Vicenza can help her a lot in reading game situations.

Anna Capra (Play-Guardia, 2003, Il Palagiaccio Florence)
Florence has confirmed their quintuples, and this year she wanted to strengthen the bench and certainly Capra could be the winning option. Last year, she was one of the toughest youngsters to play that role averaging 16 minutes to 7.1 points in Vigarano, in the semi-final team: Not only that, she’s gone nine times in doubles, including two at the most moment season heat. Florence is a team that has worked so meticulously in recent years on the development of young women, the results achieved by the very talented Rossini and by a less natural but more constructive talent like Poggio are there to prove it: for 2003, growth is thus possible in minutes. effect and production.