Women’s soccer, 15 against Spain coach – soccer

A complete rebellion, a rebellion of 15 players from the Spanish national team who announced that they will not wear the “Roga” shirt anymore as long as current coach Jorge Vilda will sit on the bench, as the Iberian Football Federation has renewed its confidence. Each wrote to the Spanish Football Federation insisting that the situation with the coach, which they had already tried to blow up in late August, was affecting their health and emotional state, and that they had no plans to return to the national team until their time. I will not take it out. The owner of 15 national teams – Ainhoa ​​Moraza, Lucia Garcia, Leila Wahabi, Mabe Leon, Claudia Pena, Laia Alexandre, Ona Battelli, Andrea Pereira, Aitana Ponmate, Sandra Banos, Amayor Sarrighi, Lola Gallardo, Nerea Izaguirre, Marion Caldente and Patri Gujarro – The admiring FA, on the other hand, responded harshly, calling the rebellion “unprecedented in the history of football,” a situation that “goes beyond sport and becomes a matter of dignity.”

The Football Association does not intend to give in to pressure, and stressed that refusing to play for the national team may lead to a ban from two to five years. He added that in any case, 15 players will not be called until they “admit the mistake and apologize.” The federation intends to deploy youth teams if necessary.
The players confirmed in the emails that the current situation is affecting their “emotional state” and “health” “significantly”, and that they are forgoing the choice “until the situation is fixed”.
Tensions over the coach’s reassertion have already been going on for several weeks, and now the situation has accelerated a few days before the following Roja women’s friendlies (new from the quarter-final elimination at the European Championships in July), against Sweden on October 7 and against the United States on October 11.

The messages arrived three weeks after the initial rebellion, with three players, Irene Paredes, Patri Gujarro and Jenny Hermoso, expressing their displeasure with Felda at the helm of the Spanish Football Federation, and confronting the same coach Felda who refused to resign. Velda said he was “hurt in the way”, claiming to be someone “pro-dialogue and always available to talk”. Among the 15 rebels, neither Alexa Butillas, who is recovering from the injury he sustained on the eve of the European Championships, nor Irene Paredes and Jenny Hermoso, who are also injured and unavailable for the upcoming rally, nor Real Madrid players were among the 15 rebels. .
Megan Rapinoe, the 2019 Ballon d’Or, gave her support to the 15 Rebels: “The 16th player by your side in the USA,” the US national team wrote on their Instagram account.
In its statement, the federation specified that players could be punished if they did not respect the choice, but said it “would not go that far, and would not put any pressure on them”. But the federation warns less than a year before the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, “athletes can only return to choice if they admit their mistake and apologize.”