WTA Portoroz, Paolini wins roller coaster match

A game that seems to be won, lost and won again. Thus we can describe success Jasmine Paolini on Slovenian kaya jovan, in the second round of the Portoroz Championship, where he defends the title he won a year ago. A match that saw her dominate a large part of the first set, advancing 5-2, only to be dominated by the hosts 7-5. No date, the second set as Paolini re-established a natural sense of things for the winners’ voice with a 6-2 partial win. In the decisive third set, despite the initial score 3-0 in favor of the Blue, he seemed to be reviewing a previously watched film, which revealed himself in the great recovery of the Slovenian. Despite this, it was Paolini who had the opportunity to close the match by offering 5-4 for the match; The match that lasted until the decisive tie was broken, as well as on the roller coaster of the game and the score: but despite everything, despite the errors and low effort of the Italian player, It is she who imposes her own weight at the decisive moment of the match, winning a painful but fundamentally deserved victory.

Yovan starts strong in the match, who won first in this first set break to serve two games against one striker. Full of winning streaks for the 26-year-old of Tuscan descent. In Juvan’s service from 3 to 2, the Italian managed to get 3 advantage break points and finally managed to take advantage of the third from this game: 4 vs 2 matches for Paolini who today pulls real bullets. They both carry the next two rounds of service. While at 5 to 3, Paolini again comes up with a break point opportunity for Juvan who goes to take it too thanks to a backhand foul by the Italian, he’s 5-4. Yovan completed the comeback, from 2-5 below he managed to recover 5-5. But the Slovenian girl, who was certainly stimulated by playing at home, is not satisfied and sets up an overtaking arrow which means 6-5 and then a 7-5 final. The first set ends with the defending champions on an obvious difficulty: after an encouraging start. A total of 40 points for the host player and a more effective response are the keys to this first set.

Match bleeding for Jasmine Paolini stopped in the first game of the first set when, after about 40 minutes of play, Paolini managed to win a match on serve, moving the score and creating morale and positivity. Positive that is achieved in the second game of the game that the blue was able to win using the second of the three points break. Now it’s another match: Paolini is focused, centered on the field, pushing with a forehand and above all less fierce than the previous set. All this materialized in the 3-0 match which is a natural result of the different style of the match. In the next game he breaks the ice and moves Yufan’s points to finish with the first advantage. The fifth game is basically what defines the group: a difficult game but Blue can only achieve it in the third advantage. The group ends here. The final 6-2 is the result of a zero-sum game won by the Slovenian and two other matches in which Paolini asserted that the stalemate in the match as winners, turned completely in her favour.

Proof of this is also the start of the decisive third set which sees the blue player run away with a score of 3-0 With a break in his favour and the feeling that the match didn’t have much to say. The Slovenian tries to defend herself, but Paolini’s piercing blows are smooth, knocking at being steady. Unfortunately for the blues and fortunately for those watching the match, the sensations are by definition and thus collide with reality. At 4-1 Paolini, with the match practically closed, we witness what we saw in the first set: Yufan returned to the match, winning the sixth match to zero, then regained the second half and went to 4-3. However, in the next match, the blue player again leads in the score thanks to the break which means 5-3 and the serve to close the match. But, as it often happens in women’s tennis, when you think the game is over, here’s Jovan’s new break, making the most of some blue doubt, raising the score to 5-4 and then in the next game the hook is complete. Basically the movie from the first set. Now Juvan is everywhere, finding solutions for a fore and a backhand kick that pushes Paolini in all directions of the court, making it impossible for her to come up with a game plan and practically chase her opponent and her game. This means 5 even before that, and thereafter, as it must be in continuous rotation to match 6 even. Therefore, it is the tiebreaker that decides the fate of the match; We can’t imagine a different ending. The Slovenian starts strong and ends with a score of 3-1 thanks to two winners and a mistake from Paolini, who, however, in her back-to-back win and a shot, balanced the score to become 4 all. Breakout and counterbreak also follow each other in the tiebreaker and if we add a double fault from Jovan at the crucial moment, it is Paolini who serves back for the match; And this time it was the right hit, thanks to the Slovenian forehand that ended up on the net: Two hours and 21 minutes later, Paolini raises his arms high, basking in a victory that is mainly the result of a desire not to give up appearing on the field.. In the next round, he will face the Czech Katerina Sinyakova.