You just need to know this about Federer

I was lucky enough to see him in action. There will be someone like Federer? maybe yes maybe no. I just want to remind you of one thing. Follow me carefully. 2012, Conclusion From the Madrid Championship. blue earth. Federer against the Czech Berdych. In the first set, the Swiss played poorly and lost 3-6. In the second he returns to the chair and goes 3-0. Berdych is needed, a quick exchange and Federer is trying out with a short ball: the Czechs get there with difficulty and score goals, 15-0. Federer is approaching the referee.

He calmly explains that the point is actually his point. It is not a childish protest or a positional protest, as it is in many tennis players. The point is because, scientifically, he saw it couldn’t be otherwise. Scientifically repeat. Observing Berdych’s shot, in fact, Federer realizes that the ball has a spin on the top spin (which simplifies a lot: the ball spins fast forward). Only with double bounce (forbidden) can the head of the racket move from the bottom up, giving this effect. If Berdych hit it with one jump, the effect would have been the opposite, in a slide (that is, the opposite, a weak blow, backwards). It is the law of mechanics. The judge muttered something and replied, “I didn’t see that.” Federer He replies yes, “it was hard to see,” but “it couldn’t have been otherwise.” In the end, the point was left to Berdych. Who will lose the match next?

Well, the technical stuff will say it. However, what you just read can be analyzed, at slow motion speed, zoom, and a great deal of interest, on video. It takes some time, but in the end it turns out that Federer was right. He did all this by playing, in the Master 1000 final, against the top 10. He wasn’t in the rowing club; He wasn’t on the sofa, in front of a screen, a magnifying glass and a beer in the other. To make a comparison: It’s as if the referee, in the Europa League final, at 92, predicted Farr by imagining the slow motion in his mind, hitting an offside distance of a few millimeters. Everyone is exhausted, dripping with sweat, after incredible physical exertion. Either you have supernatural abilities, or you are as close to perfect as you are in this discipline. Federer was in the second category.

I will not expand further. You will be overwhelmed by articles about him. But believe me, you just need to know that little stolen spot. Someone wrote this on the death of the Queen Elizabeth The twentieth century is over. I have no idea, on the scale of values, to what extent the history of tennis has supported human affairs for a century. After all, sports are part of us, it is life. I only know that without Federer, in that century after the 20th century, there is now a beautiful empty drawer.