Youth League, Rangers – Napoli 3-2: updated score and standings

Life Rangers Napoli. I Naples Spring Glasgow Rangers face today at Fairhill Stadium at 15:00, on the second day of Youth LeagueThe UEFA under-19 مسابقة competition Which is played parallel to the Champions League.

Youth League, Rangers Napoli 3-2

Rangers Napoli 3-2 final score. The Azzurri of Napoli’s Primavera also lost the second match of the youth league, after the internal KO against Liverpool at home. Rangers started their strength and went 2-0 with goals from Strachan and Lindsey in the 10th and 37th minutes of the first half. In the second half, Giannini thought to shorten the distance with Napoli, but after about ten minutes Ori’s goal reached 3-1, and he regained a double advantage for Rangers. In the final, Leonardo Rossi’s goal in the 86th minute gave the last hope to the Frostaluped Azzurri, but there was no time left: Rangers 3, Napoli 2. The Azuri last in the group.

Here is the updated standings for the Youth League in Group A, with Napoli, Liverpool, Ajax and Rangers:

  1. Liverpool 6 points
  2. Ajax 3 points
  3. Rangers 3 points
  4. Napoli 0 points

Live text from Rangers Napoli

Football Naples 24 It tells you a live broadcast of today’s match between Glasgow Rangers U19 and Napoli Primavera.

97′ triple whistle. And Rangers Napoli ends with a score of 3-2 for the owners of the land.

94 ‘Another yellow card for Rangers: Striker Conor Young is also booked.

93′ Yellow card for Rangers: goalkeeper Bazikas is booked, guilty of slowing down the second-half replay.

90′ The referee announces a 6-minute recovery.

90′ Napoli tries: Maranzino’s shot was saved by goalkeeper Bazikas.

89′ A foul by Alan against Napoli’s Nosigbe-Susco.

89′ Final minutes of play. The recovery of Norwegian referee Hagens will be announced soon.

86′ Napoli goal! 3-2 in the 86th minute, the match resumes: striker Leonardo Rossi’s goal!

84 & # 39; Two more changes to the Rangers: Ure (author 3-1) and McCausland exits; In their place, Connor Young and James Graham entered the field.

82 & # 39; Substitution in Rangers too: Jason Lindsay, the author of the 2-0 moment, is taken off and replaced by midfielder Billy Rice.

81′ shot from Stevens, ball down.

79′ Two more changes for Frustalupi: Acampa and Iaccarino leave in Naples and Marranzino and Russo enter the field.

76’Yellow card for Napoli: Striker Leonardo Rossi has been booked. It is the Azzurri’s second yellow card after Davino (replaced in the 69th minute).

75 & # 39; Another attempt by Ori who did not find the door

72′ Double substitution at Rangers: Ncio and Lovelace leave and midfielder Greg Allen and striker Archie Stevens enter.

70′ Rangers goal, score 3-1! Robbie Urey’s goal hits a Fraser pass.

69 & # 39; In Naples, defender D’Avino also goes out and Daniels Nosigbe-Susco takes his place.

69 & # 39; The second substitution in Naples: striker Spafon exits and enters Alessio Lettra

66′ corner kick for Napoli assigned to Iaccarino.

66 & # 39; Naples is trying, the conclusion of jewels, which was blocked by goalkeeper Bazikas.

64′ Free kick to Rangers by Fraser

64 ‘Foul by Napoli by Giuelli against Harkness

63 ‘Shot by Lovelace and she didn’t hit the mirror

58 ‘First substitution in Naples: a change in attack, Leonardo Rossi takes the place of Dylan Di Pasquale

58′ Napoli goal! The game is reopened! Midfielder Enrico Giannini’s goal made the score 2-1.

55′ Foul by Strachan on Spavone: Napoli earn a free kick from a convenient position

53′ A foul by Louveras against Napoli defender Pontello.

51′ A foul by Barba on Louvres.

50′ Pesci bid that does not frame the goal mirror.

49′ Yellow card for Napoli: Divino booked for a foul on Nicio.

45′ starts the second half. No changes in the lineups.

45′ Halftime ends: Rangers Napoli 2-0 After the first 45 minutes of play, Strachan and Lindsey goals. A one-way game with masters of field rangers and blues unable to build the game.

41 & # 39; Another corner kick for Rangers

41′ Corner to Rangers: Lindsey goes to serve and finds Orr, saved by Buffelli

40′ Rangers very close to the goal 3-0, Ur hit the post!

39′ Rangers up front: Ori’s shot and Buffelli’s review

37′ Goal Rangers, 2-0! Lindsey’s goal on a assist from McCosland, which is worth doubling Rangers, the hosts.

30′ Spavone tries but doesn’t frame a goal mirror. The first attempt by Napoli to try to fight back after the defect

30′ Napoli takes the lead and takes a corner kick. Iaccarino goes for the joke

26′ Yellow card to Rangers: McCosland is booked after a foul on Davino.

25 ‘Napoli win a free kick after Lovelace’s foul on Acampa

24 ‘Lovelace tried again, shot out of the mirror

21 ‘Another shot from Rangers, Urey misses the goal

17′ Rangers shoot again and this time with Lindsey: Buffelli saves again.

13 & # 39; Buffelli’s decisive parade that avoids doubling the Rangers.

12′ Another penalty for Rangers entrusted to Lindsey after a foul by Barba on Orry.

10′ Goal Rangers, 1-0! Strachan scored on a Lindsay pass.

9′ A foul by Barba on Lovelace, it would be a free kick

8 & # 39; Rangers are still dangerous with McKinnon’s shot, but it doesn’t frame the mirror

4′ Corner kick to Rangers was beaten by Lindsey, then Strachan fouled Icarino.

2 ‘The hosts’ first start thanks to midfielder Lovelace who couldn’t find the door

1 ‘Kick-off at Fairhill Stadium: Rangers’ Napoli match begins

Here are the official Napoli U-19 squad, Rangers:

  • Notice (4-3-3): Bazikas; Harkness, Fraser; Alan, McKinnon; Strachan, Lovelace, Lindsay; Urey, Ncio, McCusland. On the seat: Allen, Ewen, Stevens, Graham, Young, Kane. Coach: McCollum.
  • Naples (3-4-2-1): Boveli; Barba, Davino, Ponteo; Acampa, Icarino, Giannini, Jewels; Spafon, De Pasquale; fish. On the seatToure, Hisage, Nosigbe-Susco, Litra, Rosso, Maranzino, Rossi. Coach: Frustawolves.
  • Rule: Christopher Hagens (Norway). helpers: Anders Olaf Dale (Norway); Oestin Otterland (Norway). fourth man: Callum Scott (Scouses)

In the first leg, the Zorini, coached by Frostaluppi, was defeated 1-2 against Liverpool, at home in Naples: today they face their first European match away from home, hoping to collect useful points together to qualify, for a team that came in the league. Back from several consecutive defeats.

UEFA Youth League

Napoli youth league has been called up

The Napoli Rangers Primavera match will be played at the Fairhill Stadium. Here are the SSC Napoli Youth League teams.

  • Summon Frustalupi: Acampa, Barba, Boffelli, D’Avino, De Pasquale, Giannini, Jewels, Hysaj, Iaccarino, Lettera, Marranzino, Nosegbe, Pesce, Pontillo, Rossi, Russo, Spavone, Turi.