Zebras: A day celebrating the opening of the 2022-23 season

A great day to celebrate returning to embrace the masses after the summer holidays. A very long moment of the third half will start before kick-off between Zebre and Leinster that will accompany the Lanfranchi fans until after the match. However, this show is superbly designed for the growing community of the ‘Zebre Family’ fueling the passion of the Italian movement and looking forward to a closer start to the championship.

Saturday 17th September The zebrasin cooperation with i The thugs loaned to the world of the oval ballthe cultural association vinylthe famous restaurant in Parma bread and partner Amoretti seppi datori Organized an event to open the 2022/23 season in Lanfranchi.

On the occasion of the first round of the course United Rugby Championshipwhich you will see in Raw 14:00 Sisi and his comrades defy the Irish LeinsterThe “Delinquents” group will animate the activities of the rugby castle in Parma, to the delight of the fans before, during and after the match with Dublin.

Fan interviews, half-time competitions, games, music entertainment and many other initiatives will be the setting for this prestigious international rugby event, making Lanfranchi’s overall experience the warmth and uniqueness of the world of oval ball.

On the sidelines of the rugby match, the party will move to the synthetic behind the West Tribune with the inevitable Terzo Tempo moment accompanied by Zebras athletes, a DJ station to move the evening and several guests in the stadium.

The background music will be provided by Vinylistic – a cultural association that supports and propagates DJ culture – of which Leonardo Mussini, Zebras’ unforgettable friend and colleague, was president and founding member, who died prematurely at this time of the year. Ago.

In keeping with rugby tradition, he will not miss the food and beverage offer, which will be coordinated by club partner Amoretti Cibi d’Autore in collaboration with local Parma for the match against Leinster and for the entire 2022/23 season. It serves bread with a cocktail bar in Piazza Garibaldi and a restaurant on La Spezia Street called Bread Bistro.

Great attention has been paid to the community Zipper family Which since 2018 supports and nurtures the energy of the large family of the ducal concession. On the occasion of the event, it will be put up for sale in the private spaces of the Rugby Castle in Parma dedicated to marketing special shirts With the names of 124 clubs from the “Zebri family” to compose a rugby ball design on the chest; The connection between zebras and their affiliates is thus reaffirmed through a symbol of passion that unites and embraces the entire movement, from the north of the country to the south.

The event is open to all ticket holders for the Zebre v Leinster match on Saturday 17 September at 14:00 at Stadion Lanfranchi with any seating arrangement.

Challenge tickets, as well as season tickets for the eleven games at home at Fifteenth Northwest, are on sale at CiaoticketsAnd the Online at the official club seller’s official website and in more than 750 active sales points in Italy.

Statements of the sole official of Zebre Parma Michelle Dalay: “Before I become a potential partner for the perverts, I am their follower and fan. I can’t help but start collaborating with the largest and most creative Italian rugby community, to start thinking with them of a bridge between basic rugby, great folklore and the rugby elite we represent. One thing is for sure, it will be fun “.

“Since the first time we set foot in Lanfranchi, the Zebras have made us feel right at home. We are now excited to officially join the Zebre family. – Announces Andrea Papalifounder of Delinquents Loaned to the World of the Oval Ball, the reference fan page in Italy for all rugby fans, born in 2014 and active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram with over 168,000 followers overall – . We will bring with us the support of the largest rugby community in Italy. Our goal is to allow the players entering the field to hear the voice of every fan present on our social pages, and to help them give their best for this shirt and for the entire Zebre family.”